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In this blog, you will find some recommendations to perform maintenance & safeguarding activities in order to keep your NetWeaver Portal up-to-date

– Design and “Test” an effective backup strategy

Yeah, i know that you’re IT experts, but believe it or not, in many cases the daily work do not give us the chance to design and TEST an effective backup strategy, and suddenly the system crash and the backup does not work …… so i have to remark this point.

Just have a look on following link and make sure that your backup work!! click here

– Keep your Portal up to date

This is easy, the NW Portal is a Java based product, Java Support Packages contain corrections and updates to Java components. They are delivered in the form of Software Component Archives (SCA). Unlike ABAP Support Packages, Java Support Packages always contain the complete version of the Development Components for the application. You therefore need to apply the latest Support Package only.

SAP has increasingly been delivering business and technology applications on top of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java (AS Java). In SAP NetWeaver 2004s, the Java Support Package Manager (JSPM) has been introduced, in order to simplify the Support Package management process for Java applications

On the Service Marketplace exist an schedule for release the Support Packages Stacks, normally is one per quarter, so a “best practice” is to get the latest or one below the latest released, based on this information you can schedule a maintenance windows each quarter too to upgrade your NW Portal.

The SAP Official schedule is available here

– Use the NW Administrator tool and reporting

SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) is the Web Dynpro-based tool for administration and monitoring, offering a central entry point to the whole SAP NetWeaver system landscape. The SAP NetWeaver Administrator can be used in a central scenario where it is capable of operating an entire system landscape containing ABAP and Java systems as the application platform of SAP NetWeaver.

Please have a look on the following page, you will enjoy to work with this tool. click here

– Use the Portal Activity Report

The Portal activity report feature enables Portal administrators to gather and present information about Portal activity, including information about the users who logged on to the Portal and about the content that was viewed

Some features can be included on reporting for SM Diagnostics.

– If use Solution Manager, set up an Early Watch Alert Report

With the SM Diagnostics and a SAP Solution Manager System you can set-up the famous “Early Watch Alert Report” for your NW Portal, this report will help you to get a recurrent analysis of your system and give you some recommendations about preventive measures.

Of course you can look in more details on Solution Manager on-line help or in the SAP Solution Manager here on SDN

– Use the System Landscape Directory

The SLD is a server application that communicates with a client application by using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), this tool simplifies the administration of your system landscape. For Further information click here

Of course based in your experience you can add some extra recommendations as comments to this blog.
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  1. Former Member

      was hearing lot of these tools, but both of them are used for centralized monitoring of sytems (J2EE and ABAP) in the landscape. what is the difference between these two?


    1. Luis Felipe Lanz
      Post author
      Hi Yogi,

      The NWA is full access but the SMD is a read only tool, also the data collected by the SMD Agents and the external tools (WT Introscope and Mercury LoadRunner) can be used only by the SMD, as final essential point the SMD is the entry point for the EWA & Solution Manager.

      Please refer to the mentioned links for further details.

      I hope this clarify your doubts.


      1. Former Member
        Thanks for the clarification.. I will go through the docs..but SAP is relasing many tools, it is very hard to keep updated about all these 🙂

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