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Attack Oracle and Disrupt Oracle with Bloggers?

Tom Foremski published 3rd part of interview with Jeff Nolan, one of SAP’s top strategists.

Tom Foremski

Mr Nolan’s mission is to develop a strategy will disrupt Oracle and also use blogging and the new media technologies such as wikis, in building an internal SAP blogosphere.  That should generate a tremendous amount of competitive intelligence from within SAP. And there is also an external communications component and that is to make sure that SAP is well represented in whatever IT conversations are out there.

Jeff Nolan says:

We have to make sure that we are known by the influential bloggers and publications out there, and the best way is by meeting with them, putting a face to a name.

I don’t understand how SAP would work with bloggers. Is it a SAP’s strategy or Jeff Nolan is speaking personally? I know Jeff Nolan has been encouraging people who are involved to SAP to write blogs. Is it all?

Except SDN weblogs there is no too much SAP blogger in web world. Richard Byrom, Oracle expert, had been mentioned about SAP versus Oracle Blogs more than 1 year ago. Even he did a little experiment with Google.

On his Google search “SAP Blog” returned 319 results whilst a search for “Oracle Blog” returned 1,790 results. He concluded that

These results when interpreted and compared with the results from the previous search tell me that SAP doesn’t have a lot of blogging activity taking place outside of its organization. I’ve listed a couple of the SAP Blogs I found here but I have to say there’s a surprisingly small number.

I commented his blog and I did the same search results on March, 14 2006. Here my result for “SAP Blog” was 787.

Let me do it again right now (April 11, 2006): 10,900. Wow! What happened after 1 month? But after Google omitting some entries very similar, only 89 displayed!

For “Oracle Blog” (April 11, 2006) result is 108,000. Unique result is 138.

Of course this Google search experiment is not an objective way to look at the effectiveness of SAP Blogs or Oracle Blogs. It just gives an idea!

SAP or any consulting community is a very big community and has lots of talented people. But why there is so much SAP Blogs. When I have been working as a SAP Consultant, I have seen that SAP consultants work and talk. Communications is the big part of the job! I know they speak many things about their job in their break. But maybe they are a kind of lazy to share their ideas with out of SAP consultant’s world. Am I right?

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