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MDM Java Admin API: Remote Control for MDM

When creating highly tailored and integrated applications which are built on SAP NetWeaver MDM there is often the need to have more control than it is provided via the “regular” MDM Java API (MDM4J).

MDM4J is good for performing fast and flexible searches on MDM Repositories or changing and creating data. More or less any functionality which is offered through MDM Data Manager is also available via this API.

All the rather administrative functions done with MDM Console however are not accessible. Here the MDM Java Admin API comes into play. It offers command oriented access to tasks such as loading, mounting or duplicating repositories. Adding tables and fields or even create a repository from scratch can be accomplished with some easy to learn commands.

Where to get it from

The MDM Java Admin API is available for download on the SAP Service Marketplace next to all the other MDM components. Go to the Software Distribution Center (QuickLink /swdc) and then navigate to the MDM JAVA API following this path:

-> Download -> Support Packages and Patches -> Entry by Application Group -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP MDM -> SAP MDM 5.5 -> MDM JAVA API 5.5

The required JAR files and the documentation in javadoc is in one single ZIP together with MDM4J.

How to get started

One way to get familiar with the API is to dig through the javadocs. However, more effective might be to take some API lessons. The just recently published MDM Java Admin API Tutorial is also available for download on the Service Marketplace. You find it in the SAP NetWeaver Installation Guides / Operations section for MDM or simply if you follow this link.

The tutorial itself comes as a project for SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. Just un-zip the file anywhere on your filesystem and use the Import Existing Project function in NWDS.

The tutorial lessons consist of two things: The javadoc which is already generated so that you can read it immediately with a browser. And of course commented source code explaining the use of the API and its commands.

You should first read the overview page of the tutorial, which shows up if you open index.html with your browser.

What you need

The requirements to execute the lessons are described in the introduction of the tutorial. Basically you need access to an MDM Server installation and a compatible version of the JAR files. Using SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is most convenient, but not required.

Have fun!

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  1. Former Member
    Thank you for your help.  However, I have spent considerable time looking for the MDM Java API download, and the path you provided does not seem to be valid.
    1. Andreas Seifried
      Post author
      Hi John,
      I just checked the download path and it is correct. Please consider that it is not displayed to users without an MDM license.

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