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Configuring The Business Package For Employee Self Service (ESS)-mySAP ERP 2004


SAP Business Packages deliver an intuitive user interface that brings together all the resources needed for specific tasks, including internal and external information, access to services, and access to transactions to meet job- and industry-specific needs. It delivers ready-to-use solutions that speed portal implementation, streamline processes, and deliver immediate productivity gains.   SAP business packages are designed to plug into the powerful portal platform, delivering predefined portal content that follows well-defined business processes. SAP business packages consist of task-related collections of iViews – specialized portal applications that users work with from within the portal. iViews can be personalized at various levels. For example, we can change the look and feel to match our corporate branding or determine which iViews are displayed for particular user roles. Individual users can even decide which iViews they want to display and in which order. 

Need for this Blog

Recently I got the oppportunity to Configure the Business Package for Employee Self Service – mySAP ERP 2004, which consists of Web Dynpro based applications which can be conveniently deployed and configured, integrating the successful SAP solution Employee Self-Service (ESS) into the Enterprise Portal.  ESS lets employees create, display and change their own data in the Enterprise Portal. By enabling employees to access their own data, HR processes are standardized and simplified. As a result, employees in the Human Resources Department can concentrate on other tasks of greater strategic importance.  As I proceeded, I came across numerous issues, solutions to which were available but either distributed across many Documents, portal, Forum posts on SDN etc. or were obscure.  After successfully implementing/configuring the business package, I thought of writing an article, collating the information available along with my experiences/learnings to facilitate other members of the communtiy to better approach the Business Package Implementation.  This Weblog has been written to serve a dual purpose: 1) Provide a link to the article  2) Provide a means for discussion, related to the article and for members to provide their comments, suggestions and sahre experiences.  You can find the article on SDN via the following URL: CONFIGURING THE BUSINESS PACKAGE FOR EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE (ESS)-MYSAP ERP 2004 Hope this article/weblog serves its purpose. Do provide your valuable feedback/comments.

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    • HI Michael,
      The adaptive RFC model used to get access to an SAP R/3 backend within a Web Dynpro application needs the configuration of JCo destinations.In order to obtain such a connection, the application must either receive it from a “connection provider” or receive sufficient metadata in order to establish a connection on its own from a “metadata provider”.
      The SLD is a server application that communicates with a client application by using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and serves as a “metadata provider” in a complex SAP NetWeaver landscape.
      The JCo destinations required for the WebDynpro development components for the Business package for ESS-mySAP ERP are created in the SLD when they are deployed on the J2EE server and need to be configured to be used by the WebDynpro applications.


    • HI John,
      I think there is some problem with the Link to the article.I have notified the SDN team and hope it gets resolved soon.I have sent the article to you on the mail id given.


  • Nice blog, Siddhartha, thanks. Could you advise on which ess-/pcui_gp version to choose when using the new Sneak Preview SP16?  In the list in note 761266 the latest entry (ess/pcui versions 11) refers to J2EE SP15, so I thought choosing those I’d be fine with my SP16. However after deploying the packages (which went well) I am getting NoSuchMethod errors when calling the according Web Dynpros. This indicates a version mismatch I guess. Should one deliberatly choose old versions to be in luck?
    • HI Sebastian,
      Thanks for your comments.
      As per the note 761266, there is no download available for ess/pcui_gp/mss, but i don’t think that using an old version or a newer version would be appropriate as it might give rrors due to version mismatch.
      Maybe you can post this on the forum and we might get some solution via discussion.
  • Hi Siddhartha,

    Would you please share your experience as to where would you put BPs for ESS — on Java stack on ECC or on Portals side.

    I have installed them on ECC java stack thinking that it would be faster for data access but am running into some issues as some of the URLs dont open correctly. If I put them on the Portals side then I don’t have the issues but I am afraid that in production I may run into performance issues with data from ECC to EP depending on the amount of data extracted.

    Would appreciate your experience and guidance on this topic.

    Thanks for the excellent article. Very helpful to have all this information in one place in easy to follow format.

    Kindest regards,

    • HI Asim,
      I don’t think you should get any problems like some URL’s not opening except if there is some
      configuration issue when you deploy the patches on the ECC Java Stack, but if you deploy it on the java stack on which portal is installed(on separate system), then the performance might be affected as the network traffic would be higher in this case because of huge amount of data extracted from ABAP stack.
      So,having the patches on the ECC java stack should be better as compared to having it on Portal java stack.
  • Hi,

    Could you please tell me whether Manager can have a direct update into R/3 after the approval process. I mean to say my client needs every process in MSS to be automated w/o intervene of HR Administrator. Does mySAP ERP 2005 deliver this?
    ESS/MSS user.

  • Thanks for this great guide – It certainly helps the install process
    No sure if others are coming across the same problem, but the links to the Business Packages (ESS and MSS for mySAP ERP2004) are no longer working
    I’ve searched through the SAP Marketplace, and not finding them – Would you happen to have a working link to the packages
  • Hi Siddhartha

    We are trying to implement ESS for EP 7.0.06 and ECC 6.0 for mySAP 2005. But currently facing probleming in trying to configuration of SLD because of which not able to create JCo.

    Can kindly advice on this

    Thanks & regards

  • hi – what is the best practice for configuring a Business Package?

    -1- Editing the Portal PCD objects and the R/3 Framework config as is?


    -2- Creating copies of the business package PCD objects and recreating the framework fromscratch in R/3?

    If we were to use option 1, what would happen in case of an upgrade?

    Any comments would be appreciated.


  • This Blog will be really helpful and pathfinder for anyone to implement the Business Packages.  From my side fullpoints and appreciations to the author. 
  • Hi,

    Perhaps this is a stupid question, but what is “Sneak Preview Java” ?
    I’ve a Portal EP7.0 SPS 10 installed, does it contains this Sneak Preview Java ? Should I have to install one additional instance ?

    Thank you !


  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for you blog, this is very helpfull !

    When looking to SAP Note 761266, I do only see referencies to EP6 versions, for the PCUI_GP and SAP ESS to upload.

    But I need to find the correct version for EP7.0 SPS10 and ECC5.0 back-end.

    Thank you for your help !


    • Very good info on ESS. I have installed and tested timecard and approval functionality on EP 7.0 connected to ECC 5.0 back-end. We have two issues: I tried installing SP18 for ESS/MSS/PCUi_GP. MSS and PCUI_GP goes on but ESS doesn’t. It has issues with ess/au/addr. The following is an exerpt from the log:Starting Deployment of ess/au/addr
      Aborted: development component ‘ess/au/addr’/’’/’MAIN_xss04PAT_C’/’907089’/’0’, grouped by software component ‘SAP_ESS’/’’/’MAIN_xss04PAT_C’/’1000.”/’0’:Caught exception during application deployment from SAP J2EE Engine’s deploy service:java.rmi.RemoteException: Cannot deploy application Reason: Clusterwide exception: Failed to deploy application Check causing exception for details (trace file). Hint: Are all referenced components deployed and available on the engine?
      I tried a lower SP(12) with the same results.
      In your pdf you make reference to a patch zip file that contains different folders. I am downloading the ESS18_0-10002965.SCA file that is not contained in a zip. This is a file that i am having trouble with.

      The other issue is that Firefox browsers are displaying a scroll window on the overview page when the contents easily fit in the window. Internet Explorer does not exhibit this problem.

      BTW, I love your articles.

      Dave Rapp

  • I assigned ess role to my user, but when I login with that ID for all iviews i get the following error:
    Read of object with ID portal_content/ failed.   
      Read of object with ID portal_content/ failed.:

    This is comming for all iviews.

    Kindly help..Its urgent.


    • I assigned super admin to the user and now the error is different so probably some permission issue. Will have to figure out what permission is required.

      When i Click on Working Time -> Record working time i get the following error:

      Caused by: Screen output without connection to user., error key: RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE
      … 64 more

      In backend a custom pop up has been added the moment you hit the time sheet application. Will that create problem?
      How do I avoid it ?


  • Hello !!
    First of all, I would like to thank you for the document! It is very interesting..

    I have a question regarding this issue, and perhaps you can help me.
    We have portal NW2004s (7.00) and ECC 5.0 (ABAP only).
    I read I need to install XSS on j2ee 6.40.
    Is it posible to install XSS on J2ee 7.0, in portal¿?
    All notes I read talk about this issue (XSS should go on a separate J2ee 6.40).

    Could you please clarify this¿?
    Thanks you very much in advance.

    Kind Regards

    • hi Noemi,
      I believe that it is possible to install all WebDynpro components related to ESS/MSS on one J2EE Engine.
      In my case, i had taken on Portal Server, WAS 6.4, witrh Portal Installed. I deployed the WebDynpro related deployables on the same J2EE engine on which the portal was running.


    • Hi!I have SAP R3 Enterprise Extension set 2 like back-end with Enterprise Portal 5.0. I must turn on the Employee Self Service. I have allready uploaded on the Portal the Business Package for Employee Self-Service 4.6C – 4.7
      50.4. This package doesn’t have the roles of ESS, but has the roles of Business Explorer (BEx). How can I do it? Please help me!
  • Hi all!I have SAP R3 Enterprise Extension set 2 like back-end with Enterprise Portal 5.0. I must turn on the Employee Self Service. I have allready uploaded on the Portal the Business Package for Employee Self-Service 4.6C – 4.7
    50.4. This package doesn’t have the roles of ESS, but has the roles of Business Explorer (BEx). Can I do?Please help me!
  • Hi, thanks for the help doc and guide as i’m intesting to learn more on it. Unluckily, the documentation you uploaded is corrupted and cant open. Appreciate if you can upload it again or send it to my mail..



  • Hi, thanks for the help doc and guide as i’m intesting to learn more on it. Unluckily, the documentation you uploaded is corrupted and cant open. Appreciate if you can upload it again or send it to my mail..



  • Hi Sid,

    Its an amazing blog, truly informative and serving to its purpose.

    I happened to be implementing ESS for our organization. This blog helped me a lot. I have also gone through the link attached herewith.

    Would appreciate if you could send other documents and learning to my email ID :

    thanks in advance.
    – abhijeet

  • Dear Sidharth,

    Greetings! We are using R/3 4.7 and EP6.0 with external ITS. Can you send me some documents on how to deploy ESS and MSS into the portal.

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi All,
    I believe that the link to the article is not functional but if you search for the article on SDN it would show up.
    Please feel free to use it.


  • Hi i am emplimenting only ESS. I have been SAP docs. but you are the practical man.Can you giude me what service pack will go for EP7/ECC6 with sp15. can you send some docs please
  • Hi there, Do you have a delta version for this document for BP 1.41 and ECC 6.0 with or without EHP3 or EHP4? This is a good document but out of date unfortunately. Many thanks in advance for your help. Best regards, Heather
  • Hi Siddarth,

    Excellent blog you have. But when I was trying to download the document it is giving me 404 error. Could you please send me the document to my mail.

    Thanks in advance…