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Download v0.0.1

It’s actually my first community contribution dealing with technology in awhile so it’s nice to be back in the “game”, so what did I do and what am I babbling about? Well I decided to devote the little free time I have these days to creating a solution for all of you out there who are having difficulties getting your Scripting Environment setup. You know your environment so you can try out PHP or Perl development with SAP. With this first release of “Scripting in a Box”, that is version 0.0.1 you are given a full development environment. The only thing you need to supply is a SAP system such as the one available for download here on SDN. Contents

Basically after you download the package and unpack the ZIP file you will find the “readme.txt” explaining a few things and making sure you know I am not responsible if something really bad happens 😉 and a RAR file which is also a form of archive like ZIP. Unpack then the RAR file to your C drive or whichever drive (USB stick works as well). Once you’ve unpacked it to the root of your drive then you can run the “configure.vbs” file which will ensure that it is ready to run from the drive location, change a drive location run the “configure.vbs” again otherwise just run the “start.bat” file from then on. That should be it, Python and Ruby/Ruby on Rails are already in the works! Discuss “Scripting in a Box” Download: Scripting in a Box on SDN or in a LIVE Scripting in a Box v0.0.1

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            1. Former Member
              Well…I got the following installed on my laptop -;) Since a long time -:P

              # PHP 5.1.1
              # SAPRFC 1.4.1 for PHP 5.1.1
              # Apache 2.0.54
              # MySQL 4.1.18
              # phpMyAdmin
              # Eclipse 3.1
              # PHPEclipse 1.1.7

              I missed this two:

              # ActivePerl
              # Perl SAP::Rfc 1.39

              But as long as I’m learning Ruby on Rails, C# and ADA…I don’t think I’m going to use Perl in a very long time -:D



              1. Former Member
                hi alvaro,

                you’re learning Ruby on Rails? Cool.
                gave it a try last weekend too, but put it aside somewhat angrily when I found out that they force me to memorize that the plural of person is to be people.
                Well, I’m no native in English nor do I have a master in it so I googled for that and  found for example this:

                Obviously this is a subject of hairsplitting within native English speaking people too.

                Finally I asked myself if I do really need another language which is lazy in its syntax but picky in it’s binding to some language.

                Nevertheless, have fun with it. I am waiting for you to show us a nice blog utilizing ROR.


                  1. Former Member

                    unfortunately it’s no fun to read this blog due to it’s rendering.
                    (At least on my computer) the text stretches miles and miles east with no horizontal scrollbar.


  1. Marilyn Pratt
    Having just returned from DKOM in SFO and having heard Shai Agassi mention such initiative very positively, I would say the timing is perfect.
    Thank you Craig for your being back in the game.
    Hopefully you will inspire others to collaborate and share in the scripting language arena.
  2. Former Member
    Hi Craig,

    your baby’s in the wild as you can see here

    Congrats on that.

    As you can see in the image you supplied us with PHP 5.1.2 (not 5.1.1 as you wrote).


    1. Former Member
      Thank you, I’m hoping the community manages to come up with some great stuff that we can discuss during SAPPHIRE and TechEd this year!

      My hope was that this download would help to “break the ice” so to speak with those not exactly sure how to get started.


    1. Former Member
      hi rudi,
      I think it’s a good idea to get started with an own SAP *AMP distro. Although I personally like it very much, XAMP is kind of biased towards PHP and even more to MySQL.
      There are initiatives here on SDN towards doing stuff in Ruby On Rails or I can imagine that supporting (packaging) another database into the then **** distro might make sense for the community here.

      Moreover, as I found out, SAP developers tend to be shy on adopting third party tools on their own. According to my observation they feel themselves better if it’s somehow connected to SAP.

      Just my 2 cents,

    2. Former Member
      Hi Rudi,

      Thanks for the comments, Anton is partially correct in his thoughts.

      Part of the reason I did not use XAMPP was the reason I wanted to be as flexible as possible as I add in Python and Ruby and ROR, etc. and also with other tools and items I’ve on my list to add in.

      Now this was something I did in my free time as just a community member so no official decisions or anything going on here – I’m open to all suggestions.

      I might take another look at XAMPP in the next version…


  3. Good show. The use of scripting languages in business is very underrated, and has many benefits, including the ease of maintenance of code.

    However, I see these technologies pushed a lot at developers. Is SAP promoting the use of these technologies at higher levels actively enough, selling the benefits to executives?

    The reason I ask is that many developers work in companies with a rigid, top-down approach to what technologies can and can’t be used in their environments. This leaves little room for initiative by developers to introduce new ways of doing things that can benefit the business. As such, the drive to make use of these technologies must come from executive level.

    1. Former Member
      A very good point, Martin, and hopefully SAP will promote the use of PHP much more in the future (I didn’t see/hear anything about PHP at TechED 2005).

      IT managers really need to understand the possibilities of PHP, especially since there are so many people and resources out there.

      Using PHP with SAP opens a whole new world for those of us who know PHP…

    2. Former Member
      Good request, and yes we are planning to do some promotion to IT management/executives.  Please post success stories here so we will have great ammunition for convincing the world that scripting languages are a great complement to the other tools in the IT toolbox.
      1. The problem I still see is that the PHP RFC connector is an open source development (not so?), so I’m assuming SAP has no plans to support it the way they support JCo? (Unless SAP is planning on being involved in the development and maintainenance of the PHP RFC libs).

        I’m afraid as long as there is no official support from SAP for this, those success stories are not going to carry much weight.

        1. Former Member
          All of those Open Source connectors out there are based on the RFC libs which come from SAP, if SAP was to provide information more access to those libs  I think that would go a long way in terms of showing support, don’t you?
          1. Hi Craig,

            I’m not sure I follow the second part of your sentence.

            The kind of support I’m talking about (and hence I say “official support”) is being able to get support from SAP on those connectors via Service Marketplace.

            My argument is that because SAP did not develop these connectors and will therefore most probably not support customers who have problems with them (again, I’m talking official support), it will be more difficult to get buy-in from customers to make use of these technologies.

            It will therefore remain in the domain of the developers, who may develop solutions under the radar, but cannot expect buy-in from their IT managers, because there is no official support for these solutions.

            If this is the case, what is ultimately SAP’s intention with punting this technology on SDN? Are they trying to suss out the feel and whether there is enough interest so as to make a decision about developing add-ons themselves that make use this technology?

            Looking forward to your reply,


            1. Sorry, I think that I may have come across as rather abrasive in my last question. I guess it’s not my place to second-guess SAP’s intentions. However, I do find it interesting that SAP is promoting technologies to customers for which they currently do not offer support.
                1. Former Member
                  Now I can see your concern there in terms of “official support” however I think SDN is able to fill a gap there quite easily, don’t you? We already have the PHP forum and as interest grows so will other forums.

                  I don’t want to second guess intentions either or give the wrong message, Dennis’ message says alot and I think at SAPPHIRE a good clear message will be made.

                  I can say that this is not a testing of the waters or anything.

                  1. Former Member
                    All —

                    Perhaps a small point, but in addition to tireless SDN staff posting here, you have the president of the SAP Product and Technologies Group (Shai Agassi) and a senior exec reporting to Shai (me) participating here.

                    More important — the scripting language community around SAP seems to be growing and vibrant.  SAP wants to support the scripting community(ies), and we are getting started in figuring out how we can make our greatest contribution — by listening to you.  If you’d like to speak more directly, check out my business card and send me an e-mail — or even better, meet up at SAPPHIRE Orlando, take home some “goodies,” and let’s see what we can decide together.

                    Some people seem interested in this remaining a purely community-driven (with some contribution and participation by SAP) effort, while others want this to be “official” SAP software (with all that implies regarding support, licensing, etc.).  I think this is a healthy debate, and I’d like to see it unfold a little more.

                    In the meantime, we know we can contribute by providing convenient enabling software (like Scripting in a Box), examples, techniques (blogs), advice and answers (forums), and a place to collaborate with your colleagues in the community.  We want to do more.  Tell us what you want — we’re listening!  Every opinion counts — as long as it is posted …

                    Dennis Moore

            2. Former Member
              – Disclaimer: I do not, and have never worked for SAP –

              Hi Martin,


              I hear all the old arguments about OpenSource in the enterprise.

              The History
              The Language bindings (as I prefer to call them) for Perl, Python, and Ruby are OpenSource projects, that were started entirely independent of SAP, or any other organisation.  The first – Perl SAP::Rfc – started in December, 1999 with the release of librfc for Linux (Hans-Christoph Rohland gave a Christmas present 🙂 – that is over 6 years strong now.

              Each are released under OpenSource licenses that are compatible with the host Language,  placing them firmly in the Community at large.

              Intrepid IT professionals from all kinds of companies have tried and tested these bindings, probably without much attention from management, for everything from Admin automation, to Web Service development, where they have been able to “Just get the job done”.  I, personally, have developed a lot of solutions based on these tools – many of them mission critical.

              The Future
              Each Language binding will be maintained as long as there is interest in the Community, and as long as SAP remain Open, and continue to be more Open, about the RFC API – after all – this is the key to communication for all bindings (including PHP, Java, etc…).  Conversely, it is also the largest limiting factor for a lot of inovation potential.

              The Now
              The Genie is well and truly out of the bottle.
              Scripting languages have demonstrated their capabilities across all the big successful startups that you care to think of – I suspect some of them may not have met their time to market requirements without them, and now it is time to take that experience into the Enterprise software world.
              The old arguments of “where’s the support – who’s liable” have been shown to be irrelevent with existing OpenSource success stories, as high quality software has continued to be developed, and the necessary skills in the market have developed in their wake.
              Look no further than SUSE, RedHat, MySQL, the Apache Foundation, and the Language interpreters themselves – does anyone question support for Perl, Python, Ruby, or even the core PHP interpreter?

              1. Thank you Piers. I really appreciate your input, and it is valuable for me to see your point of view. I guess you are right – Open Source technologies are much more widely used than one often thinks, especially if (like me) you work in a very restrictive environment which does not foster innovation as much.

                Now my next question: In what way(s) is SAP giving back to the communities that produce these wonderful tools? Is it enough that they promote them, thereby widening their acceptance, and provide a forum for discussion on their website? In a way, I almost think that SAP is benefiting more out of it, because it promotes their products, and that affects their revenues. What do the open source communities get out of it besides the warm, fuzzy feeling of seeing their work used elsewhere? Does SAP currently participate, or plan to participate in the development of these projects, or donate to them to help them grow and develop?

                One way could be (as has been suggested before) for SDN to host (and hopefully sponsor) open source projects relating to SAP-specific developments.

                I would appreciate input from either SAP or the Open Source communities on this.

  4. Former Member
    Hi Craig

    I was wondering if you could tell me why I get a lot of errors, when I try to unpack the RAR file when I have unpacked the ZIP file?

    I get messages saying: The file ……. header is corrupt and C:\Downloads\…… unknown method in ……?

    Hope you can answer my question.

    Thx in advance.

    Arne Sørensen

    1. Former Member
      Hello Arne,

      Which version did you download and when? v0.0.5 was corrupt and we didn’t catch it until later, v0.0.1 though is completely fine and working. Perhaps when you downloaded it there was a problem?


      1. Former Member
        Hi again Craig

        Actually I tried v0.0.5 first and then I thought maybe I could go with v0.0.1 and then the upgrade, but I still get the same errors as I mentioned in my mail.

        I ther any speciel way I should be unpacking them or do you have another idea?

        Thx for fast reply.

        Regards Arne

        1. Former Member
          You’ve got me at a lose, if you are having the problem with all of them I’m wanting to say you have a strange Windows installation or your WinRAR or WinZip application is odd?

          I’d be happy to supply you with a different link for downloading please contact me via email.



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