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From the Grumpy Old Man:Taken

Hi, I’m Freddy, the green mean joke-machine. I just wanted to inform you that “his grumpiness” has been taken and that he won’t be back. It’s the Easter holidays for little Earthlings in Belgium and Eddy has been torn away from his computer and dragged along by his hair to a Gaulish town near another small town called Paris. He will be back (Sorry, to temper your joy so quickly). To make it even worse, I’m going to take advantage of his absence to vent my spleen.
More than an earth year ago, Eddy Is there SAP on Mars? whether the SDN community could collaborate in a different context in some more concrete projects rather than limiting itself to discussions. It’s time to take stock and see what’s happened over the past year. To be honest, it’s been rather disappointing. I can count on one hand the number of active project participants. Check below how many fingers that is exactly.
Sure, it’s not SAP’s fault, but you don’t have to blind yourself to the world outside SAP. And yes, it maybe does have a higher frivolity factor, but it does also have its serious side. First there is research and secondly there is distributed computing, which were there long before everybody could talk of nothing other than Web 2.0. What has Web 2.0 to do with distributed computing? Well reread the BitTorrent part in the reference article by Tim O’Reilly that Eddy used in his web log. The fact that the BBC takes it seriously too and has launched a special screensaver for this goal only underlines it’s importance.

Results from the Belgian jury

These are the results so far improve the accuracy of long-term climate prediction.
Total credit granted:     223 543 cobblestones
Team Rank TC:           332 of 3 686
Team Rank RAC:        643 of 3 686

LHC@home: improve the design of the CERN LHC particle accelerator.
Total credit granted:     4 544 cobblestones
Team Rank TC:           628 of 1 828
Team Rank RAC:        455 of1 828

Predictor@home: solve biomedical questions and investigate protein-related diseases.
Total credit granted:     16 287 cobblestones
Team Rank TC:           689 of 2 647
Team Rank RAC:        952 of 2 647

SETI@home: analyze radio-telescope data, looking for evidence of extraterrestrial life
Total credit granted:     52 484 cobblestones
Team Rank TC:          6 632 of 38 166
Team Rank RAC:       12 166 of 36 166

Einstein@home: search for gravitational signals emitted by pulsars.
Total credit granted:     60 194 cobblestones
Team Rank TC:           779 of 5 023
Team Rank RAC:        1 785 of 5 023

Cobblestone = 1/100 day of CPU time on a reference computer.
RAC = Recent Average Credit
TC = Total Credit

As you can see, even with a limited amount of participants the SAP SDN team doesn’t perform that badly. But knowing that there are more than 250K SDN members out there, these results can easily be beaten. And if you don’t find anything to your liking here are some of the more recent projects that you might find of interest:


The cartoon Freddy is a creation of Sh3Ll4C

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