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Free SAP TechEd Ticket …

This year the SAP TechEd will again be the place where SDN will come alive. Where all the top SAP developers come together. Where you will be able to learn and actually try out the latest and greatest during hands on sessions. Where you will meet your fellow SDNers, the ones that until now you only know their tiny Weblogger pictures and forum posts. Where Craig will make fun of you during the SDN Quiz.

Free ticket is a bit misleading, you have to put a bit of effort into suggesting a session, get selected by your peers, create the presentation and you have to overcome your fear of presenting, which apparently people fear more than death. From own experiance you will feel good that you have done it.

We want to have all of you at TechEd and this is why we created a lot more opportunity to join us. We doubled the available SDN presentation slots from 15 to 30. Please suggest a one hour presentation theme and if selected you can shine and show the things that you have done lately within the SAP ecosystem. (It is also great on your resume: SAP TechEd presenter in 2006) 

Please submit your session proposal  until the 14th of April [more detials] to take part. Would really love to get to know what you are doing with SAP software and meet you all in Las Vegas, Amsterdam or Bangalore.

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  • Hi, guys!
    I experienced this last year and I can tell you that it’s really really worth the effort! Don’t be afraid of being afraid! Only fools feel no fear. All SDN speakers I met there were scared like hell, including myself – I was trembling and sweating in panic, afraid that once I climb to the stage I’ll paralize and won’t be able to open my mouth. But I survived, and it was not that scary.
    In fact, it was one of the best experiences in my career. It blows and shines in my CV, rises my value at labour market and opens some otherwise closed doors. Being an anonymous code-monkey and a TechEd speaking ABAP-er are two different universes!
    Unfortunatelly, I haven’t been as inovative this year and can’t think of some new subject to apply myself, although I’d love to. I’ll try to think of something until 14th.
    Well, I’ll dare to ask this question anyway: Mark, is it legal for me to apply with my last year’s session proposal? Please say “yes”.