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image For me this journey started back in PHP and SAP, together at last?! and has led me on a few winding paths I’ve learned a lot, gotten involved here on SDN in the Scripting Languages, and last week I found myself staring wide eyed at the feature being presented on the homepage of SDN! Now before anyone thinks I’m saying this is all my doing or that I planned the feature, wait that is not at all it. I wasn’t on this journey alone – many others are there with me, and ahead of me (and I’m just struggling to make sure I keep up)! Thanks to so many being so active, and actually proactive here on SDN, SDN has the unique honor and pleasure to be on the front line of what is starting to happen within SAP! Now, everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge advocate for the use of PHP together with SAP technologies and that many other SDNers are as well; we all agree that there is so much potential with the two that we should not be ignoring it but rather exploring it. Well in the last several months I have come to find out that we are not alone in these thoughts. In fact there is an entire divison here at SAP interested in the potential as well. Emerging Solutions at SAP, yep there’s a whole division (the team that brought xApps, CAF, Guided Procedures, and Project Mendocino to the world)! They have been in contact with me and SDN about scripting languages and how they are used with SAP technologies over the last several weeks! At first I thought this was just some small interest, and it would pass! Well, I’ll be the first to admit when I was wrong and this time I was REALLY wrong! Emerging Solutions is not only interested but they have pushed to get a entire set of pages (coming soon!) created here in SDN on PHP, and they plan to not only be present at SAPPHIRE but they plan to do a little show and tell of what they are up to. I’ll be there in Orlando with them and I plan to have a few items to show myself, so if you are attending make sure you come and find us and find out about some of the possibilities available! If you are not attending now is your chance to go and talk to whoever it is that you need to talk to and let them know that SAP is going to be showing off some cool stuff, you don’t want to miss this! Now if you do end up missing out on being there in person, and you miss out on my “goodie bag,” don’t despair – you’ll have a chance to see and also an even bigger chance to contribute and help to shape the future of what is happening right here on SDN. Wait, did I tell you about my “goodie bag”? Remember last TechEd when SDN decided to give out pins and gift certificates to the SAP shop for the top three people in each developer area? Well I used my gift certificates to actually buy lots of cool little goodies from the SAP Shop. I decided that at the next conference I attend for SAP I will give out my “goodies” to random people who come over to see what we are doing! Please take a moment and check out the Scripting Languages at SAPPHIRE? and give your feedback! The plan is to do a pre SAPPHIRE event, a day for the community to come together and check out what everyone has been doing and get to know each other, interested? This is a perfect opportunity for you to speak up and help direct the future of what’s happening here on SDN! Also the perfect chance to really see what is happening with Scripting languages and SAP. Trust me this is not something you want to miss out on!
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  1. Former Member
    Great news Craig! I’m so happy to know about the support that SAP is giving to PHP. It’s a great opportunity for all of SAP-PHP Developers…Including me -;)

    It’s also nice to see how SAP doesn’t stuck in it’s own business and tries to explore what behind the scripting languages.



  2. Former Member
    Happened to read that today in Building1/Floor6 @ WDF and thought what a nice coincidence.
    Hope that Emerging Solutions can manage to demonstrate the integration of best-of-breed solutions on SAP NW regardless of of the technology they’re implemented in.



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