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New Look for SDN Portal Page

As you can see, we’ve freshened up the SDN Portal page, with new features, more stories and better and more useful links. And this is only the beginning, as we add additional sections for new features and upcoming releases.

How the Page has Changed

There are many changes, and more to come. The current changes come in three parts:

  • New Content
  • Knowledge Centers
  • Better Links

New Content

You’ll see the new content at the top of the page. There now will be more stories about portal development, and they will be updated more often.  The stories will be developer tips and tricks, new features, tutorials, examples, webinars and, perhaps once in a while, a story about mountain climbing in India.  One of the stories will be a weblog or article by one of our experts in the Experts’ Corner. The expert — generally an SAP consultant or product management specialist — will provide the perspective of someone in the field, who works closely with customers and customer needs. The weblog will explain how to make the most of the portal at your site.  Another story will be a column by, well, me. I will write From The Lab, here in Israel, where much of the portal is developed. In the column, I’ll describe new features, explain how to develop on top of the portal and provide tips and tricks, many of which come directly from the developers who built the portal.

Knowledge Centers

Instead of leaving it to you find all the information you need, we’ve created Knowledge Centers on specific topics, with all the information and links you need.  For example, we’ve created a Knowledge Center on Navigation, which gives you links to the Help Portal documentation for such things as creating a navigation connector or creating navigation links; the page also has links to cool things you can do with the navigation API, such as create custom site maps or browse the roles belonging to another user.  We’ve created Knowledge Centers for portal scenarios (such as Implementing an External-Facing Portal), for portal look and feel, portal development for beginners, and other topics.


Ah, links.   Seems so simple, but the key here is to give all the links that you may need, without giving you too many that you get lost in all the links and can’t find the one you need.  We’ve tried to figure out the key links for portal developers, and provide them on the navigation panel on the right of the page. If you have suggestions for others, feel free to drop a note. 

What’s Ahead?

This is all just a beginning.  We plan to add additional Knowledge Centers and add more information about Web Dynpro integration, about NetWeaver Developer Studio, about implementing portal scenarios, and about future releases.  Hope you like it.

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