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New Feature in Alert Management: Rule-based Determination of Recipients

Alert Management (ALM) can be used for alerting of critical situations. Examples of critical situations might be an important customer terminating a contract, a budget being exceeded, or an alert notification to an administrator due to a problem in a monitored component of an SAP solution landscape. The ALM Framework is provided as part of the SAP Application Server. ALM can be used for alerting on business-critical problems. Conditions for critical situations are predefined by an administrator. When an alert is triggered, responsible or interested parties are determined and informed immediately. There are various ways of determining the recipients of alerts:

  • Recipients may be predetermined (fixed).
  • Users may use a subscription, with role-based authorization.
  • An application determines recipients.
  • New: Rules can be defined for recipients depending on their responsibilities. A rule definition contains specific responsibilities for one or more recipients. Recipients will only receive those alerts for which they are responsible, with an explanation of the alert in their local language.

You can define language-dependent alert explanations with alert details as variables. Alert delivery can be personalized, for example, you can choose the communication channel, mail, fax or SMS notification, depending on the time of day, or the type day (working or non-working). A substitute recipient can be specified. Recipients get an alert notification in at least one of the following ways:

  • Alert Inbox The alert inbox is a BSP based display program. It is user-specific and shows all alerts that are sent to you in accordance with the alert configuration.
  • Universal Worklist The UWL gives users unified and centralized way to access their work and the relevant information in the Enterprise Portal.
  • Application-specific display programs.
  • Mail, fax or SMS notification, if configured in SAPconnect

As soon as one recipient confirms an alert, its status is changed and it will not be delivered, escalated, or displayed. Other recipients will also get the status update. For more information, see Alert Management.

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