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Power of Ant

Apache Ant

is software tool written in Java. Its kind of ‘make’ tool for automating Java software build processes. Ant stands for “Another Neat Tool”. Ant makes uses of build script based on XML (which is by default named as build.xml).

Ant could be used to change the default build behavior of Eclipse 3.1 IDE (for example generating a jar after compilation).

Eclipse 3.1 includes a new export functionality called Export as Ant buildfile. Ant Build files could be generated for any project by using the File > Export > Ant Buildfiles.


          <fileset dir=”.” includes=”*/.class”/>



To run the new build behavior right click on the ant view and run the desired target or the entire build script as follows:


On successful completion of the build a jar would be generated for the project as below.


More about Ant could be found at the following urls:

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