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The Death of ABAP is Premature

Jon Reed who serves as a site expert on SAP careers for tells “The death of ABAP is premature” in Podcast: The State of the SAP Job Market.

I truly agree with Jon Reed. After SAP launching SAP Netweaver two years ago, everyone was telling that ABAP is going to die not in near future but in the end! Because SAP brought Java Development on stage!

Actually SAP never said ABAP dies. SAP wrote millions lines of ABAP code for SAP R/3 ERP and other products. As you know that it is harder to change a code than to make a new one for a programmer. So Java is another opportunity for SAP Development. SAP wanted to give Java as another SAP Development options. Because:

  • trend was going to Java
  • there are lots of Java programmers
  • Java is a big community
  • People was critiquing ABAP for several reasons

ABAP won’t die. With SAP Netweaver ABAP and Java Stacks use different schema and databases. It is clear that SAP does not want any trouble or confusing for ABAP and Java Development. If you want, continue to work on ABAP, but if you want you can use Java too. Make connection between two platforms. That’s it!

ABAP won’t die. But maybe Java Development will increase the popularity of SAP and development speed for an SAP product. Java developments will increase day by day on Java Stack. SAP is a heterogeneous environment any more. You know Oracle has lots of critics about ABAP that they claim ABAP and other some technologies of SAP are not standard. I guess Oracle uses PL/SQL for Oracle Applications. Is PL/SQL standard? It is interesting that both SAP and Oracle chose Java for development environment. If you are a Java developer, you can switch SAP world easily any more, but after that even you can switch to Oracle world. Sun must be very happy 🙂

Jon Reed says ERP market going forward recently. It is good news. If you are an ABAP programmer, you have to learn web development tools and web services development. ABAP with web development, web services, XML, etc. skills is still going to be a worthy in the future.

I say this is a Web 2.0 trend in SAP world. So I can call it ABAP 2.0 or ABAP/Web 2.0. Of course if you have ABAP and Java and Web in your one hand, it is better than better!

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