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SAP XI Adapters Vs Oracle PM Adapters


The blog is a comparison between the adapters used by SAP XI and Oracle BPEL PM.

Shipped adapters


Oracle PM

File Adapter (Missing Features)


Oracle PM

1. No Schema Validation (Adapter level)

2. No file write condition

1. No Quality of Service

2. No Operating System command (before and after processing)

3. No adapter specific attributes

4. No retry interval

5. Forced – dynamic naming convention using %SEQ%

FTP Adapter (Missing Features)


Oracle PM

1. FTP Adapter is bundled with File Adapter itself in SAP XI (same as File Adapter)

2. Same as File Adapter but given as a separate Adapter.

Database Adapter (Missing Features)


Oracle PM

1. No poll for new or changed records

1. No Quality of Service

2. No polling interval

3. No retry interval

4. No run OS command

JMS Adapter (Missing Features)


Oracle PM

1. No message body type

1. No transport protocol

2. No correlation settings

Missing Adapters


Oracle PM

1. AQ Adapter: Advanced Queuing Adapter

2. Oracle Applications

1. BC Adapter

2. CIDX Adapter

3. HTTP Adapter

4. IDoc / RFC Adapter

5. Mail Adapter (But used as a trigger in it’s BPM)

6. Marketplace Adapter

7. SOAP Adapter

Adapter Module development


Oracle PM

1. XI has a module configuration in communication channel.

1. Though Oracle Adapters are JCA compatible, module development and using their own modules for a particular adapter is still a question!? (or may be a end user like me can’t find it anywhere)


This blog gives you a clear idea about the different adapters used in SAP XI and Oracle PM. I feel that with less number of connectivity adapters in Oracle PM, SAP XI seems to be the best 🙂  But ultimately you are the judges!

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