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Migrate from Java embedding in Oracle BPEL to Adapter modules in SAP XI


Both SAP XI and Oracle BPEL provide support for Java
language. The blog is a step by step procedure for moving a java embedding
found in Oracle’s BPEL to modules in SAP XI.


There is a previous blog by me regarding migration from BIE translations
to XI mappings. Please take a look at
Migrate from BIE translations to SAP-XI mappings with ease . Here we shall see about
migrating from Oracle’s Java embeddings to SAP-XI modules.



The similarity between both bpelx:exec (Java bindings) and a
XI module is that both are Java based and both can modify data and both are
used for the same purpose.

Java Embedding




addAuditTrailEntry in Oracle BPELConsole





TRACE.debugT function replicates the same in SAP-XI.

With this procedure, the entire Oracle’s Java embeddings can
be easily converted to SAP-XI modules.

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