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Creating an “Initial Info Request”

In this blog, i would like to show you how to generate the “Initial Info Request archive” for the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal. As you know, when either an exception or an error occurs is too hard to detect in a fast way the correct log files where the cause can be identified.

Also, when a customer message is created on the SAP Service Marketplace   ( (formerly OSS) for a NW Portal error, this archive could be required by the SAP Active Global Support Organization and it’s essential to speed up the resolution time.

This archive is generated in the NetWeaver Support Platform Application, this application is included as standard as of NW Support Package Stack 16, nevertheless for previous releases you can get it by deploying an SCA as indicated on

SAP Note 812688

Well we have to connect into the NetWeaver Support Platform application, this is possible by opening the url + “http://hostname:http_port/sp” +

(e.g. http://myHostName:50000/sp) always connecting as Administrator or J2EE_admin

An screen like this will appear:


Then open the folder Enterprise Portal from left panel:


Now we have to click over the Initial Info Request


in this moment the plug-in will show you the options to select the node where the error is happening, please select it and click over Run


As a result a zip file (archive) will be created, the “Result Description” will indicate you where the archive has been saved, e.g.+ “The file has been created and can be found here :D:\usr\sap\<SID>\JC00\j2ee\support_platform\output\”+


When you access this archive you will find the log files and the information related to the timestamp where the plug-in has been executed given you direct information where to find the error causes, also you can send this archive to SAP attached to your customer message.


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