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How to stop XI server utilizing 99% CPU cycles



XI server uses 99% CPU cycles especially while executing a
BPM scenario / deploying etc. This makes the server hang for a while (even
after the BPM scenario ends) and gives timeout for other services running on
the server e.g. CVS etc and makes anyone unworkable. The blog is a very simple


When we deploy / run BPM usually a process called disp+work
takes 99% CPU time. If we are working on the server, you might probably prefer
to take a coffee and come back. Since it makes the system busy with disp+work
running on back ground, no foreground process is given preference. You must
manually set the priority to high for any foreground system you are working.


I was doing this for a very long time until recently I
thought of doing the reverse. – set low priority for disp+work process.





This also, enables you to give preference to foreground
processes and the server processes your foreground requests sooner in spite of
busy service running.


I can’t see the XI server running on
linux hanging when a BPM is executed / some deployment happens.

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  • Felix, By assigning a low priority to these processes , what do we achieve ? Do you mean to say you use the box hosting XI server as your desktop as well for development ?


    • Not exactly Saravana.

      When many people are using the server busily deploying / executing BPM and you want to open visual administrator or remote gui for some configuation, then you will feel the pain! Just to do a 5 minute job on the server, we need to wait for more than an hour.

      People who often sit on the server to do some configuration work etc, will know its pain and the use of this blog (though its a very very simple solution).


  • Hi

    This applies to Jlaunch process as well? On our XI Server Jlaunch process using lot of CPU and as a result our CPU is always 100%.



    • Hi,

      Yes. This applies to jlaunch as well. But please remember that this is only a temporary solution to give more priority to desktop applications. By giving low priority to jlaunch, you will face frequent disconnects and timeouts. once your job on the server is over, you must once again give high priority to all the SAP services which you changed the priority.

      I feel that there is nothing wrong if jlaunch uses 100% cpu. It normally uses 100% cpu if some BPM scenario is getting executed.

      Best regards,

  • How can you change process priority (disp+work)in UNIX/AIX.

    I am facing similar problem, My CPU usage is always high and i have to wait several minutes or sometimes in hours to finish my work.