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SAP NetWeaver/ BI and Portals 2006 Conference!

Would you like to learn more about SAP Knowledge Management and Collaboration?  If so, then please join us at the SAP NetWeaver BI and Portals 2006 Conference!  When and where is it?   March 26 – March 29 at the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada   The SAP NetWeaver / BI and Portals 2006 is an event sponsored by WIS Publications.  It is a yearly conference that delivers strategies, best practices, and instruction for professionals who deploy, customize, optimize, support and set strategy for SAP NetWeaver BI, SAP NetWeaver Portal (including Knowledge Management and Collaboration!) and other critical SAP NetWeaver technologies.  Start off Sunday, March 26 at the Pre-Conference Jumpstart session “The world’s best introduction to ESA and SAP NetWeaver” from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  This will be a great introductory session that everyone should attend to gain a solid understanding of Enterprise Services Architechture (ESA) and SAP NetWeaer platform.  It will be given by Michael Eacrett, Michael Briles and Swen Conrad from SAP’s NetWeaver Product Management team. Learn exactly what all the components are and what their relationship is to one another and to the SAP business applications you run. Step through the numerous solutions and capabilities the SAP NetWeaver platform offers end users and IT organizations. Get important insights into common IT pain points, and hear directly from SAP on how they recommend you leverage ESA principles and the SAP NetWeaver platform to address those challenges. Discover how SAP NetWeaver factors into web services efforts and how it provides the basic building blocks for an Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA).  If you have already registered for the event or still are thinking about attending, here are some of the events and sessions for Knowledge Management and Collaboration:   Would you like to learn more about SAP Knowledge Management?  Please come to the session “Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management (KM)” on Tuesday 3/28 from 11:30 am – 12:45 PM and on Wednesday March 29th from 8;30 am – 9:45 am.  Come and meet Debbie Adams from the NetWeaver Product Management team.  This session will give you with a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities, architecture, and operation of SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management (KM).  See how users log into the portal, navigate folder hierarchies, perform searches, and retrieve information. Learn what capabilities are available to users for creating and working with documents, and what types of content, reports and data can be managed with SAP NetWeaver KM. Find out how to create documents in SAP NetWeaver KM, and how to integrate with multiple content repositories.  Understand how KM uses TREX for search and classification, including full text and attribute searches, searches that use Boolean operators, and searches that use linguistic and fuzzy search methods. Hear how documents from various sources can be classified into taxonomies and can be accessed from a common virtual place in the portal. Understand how KM interoperates with business applications, information repositories, and with portal, collaboration, and business intelligence technologies.  You should leave this session with a keener understanding of the challenges organizations face when working with unstructured information, and with new insights into KM strategy and the increasingly vital role it plays.  If you would like to know more about SAP Collaboration come to the session “A comprehensive guide to SAP solutions for end-user collaboration”.  This session will be given by Deborah Adams from SAP’s NetWeaver Product Management team on Wednesday, 11:30 am – 12:45 pm.  Come examine the capabilities, requirements, and the latest collaboration features from SAP, which include ad hoc collaboration and collaboration in virtual rooms. Gain an understanding of how SAP knowledge management and collaboration features work together and how they leverage the portal as the single point of access for users.  Find out what it takes to get started with ad hoc collaboration. See how you can create a virtual environment or “room” where project team members can share documents, calendars, and other relevant project information. Review the differences between public, private, and restricted rooms. Find out how you can use out-of-box templates and wizard functionality to create virtual rooms with little or no configuration. Learn how to share documents within the rooms and how to collaborate with team members.   Vik Pant, from Dolphin IT-Project and Consulting will present the session “Tips and tricks for leveraging an SAP knowledge management framework for documents, PDFs, images, emails, and other types of unstructured and semistructured data” on Wednesday, 2:15 pm – 3:30 pm.  Learn what capabilities are available to SAP Knowledge Management (KM) users for working with unstructured and semi-structured data, and the best ways to leverage these capabilities across your enterprise. Get tips and tricks to set up and optimize your KM environment for users who will be working with non-structured data. Step through examples of recent deployments that are using KM for a variety of electronic content management scenarios. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that most often confront organizations that set up KM to incorporate Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, images, and email messages. Learn what SAP Best Practices provides in the way of scenarios and sample use cases, which you can expect to leverage as is, and which you should be prepared to customize. Get customization tips and tricks and lessons for using the KM API. Get expert advice to integrate KM with a variety of content repositories and walk away with advanced tips for using the standard adapters, interfaces, and connectors   For a customer case study, come hear Rick Hopkins from Brown-forman on Tuesday 3/28 from 2:15 – 3:30 PM session “Case Study: Brown-Forman’s strategy for managing its portal to continuously meet its users needs”. Hear why Brown-Forman Corp., a $2.7 billion dollar business, considered its 2004 implementation of SAP Enterprise Portal and Knowledge Management just an initial step in an ongoing process. Delve into Brown-Forman’s strategy for continuously improving and adding portal functionality for its 2,000 knowledge workers. See why it started out with a thin, wide portal for employees, then added depth as their learning curve increased, and finally rolled the portal out to its business partners. Understand the 17 organizational structure, governance methods, and skill sets it established as the foundation for accomplishing its goal of “persistent, consistent rollout.”   On Tuesday March 28th from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm join the Knowledge Management and Collaboration Birds-of-a Feather session with Vik Pant from Dolphin IT-Project and Consulting.  Delve into the challenges your peers are facing as they manage their enterprise’s structured and unstructured data to help their users access, search, and disseminate information easily. Discover who is using SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management (KM) and how end users are collaborating and taking advantage of data to its fullest. Share proven strategies that can help you integrate KM with your content repositories.  In addition to the educational sessions, you will be able to get a live presentation and demo of SAP Knowledge Management and Collaboration in the solution showcase area at the User Productivity Enablement pod.  Or, if you just have a Knowledge Management or Collaboration question you want to ask the SAP team, just come by the pod.  To learn more about the SAP Insider SAP NetWeaver BI and Portals 2006 conference please see website.   We hope to see youthere!   
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