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As I was writing my How to Support Industry Standards in XI (Part I of III) – Interfaces, I discovered I needed information on a specific field of an IDOC. As you may recall, I mapped an Open Applications Group (OAG) ProcessPurchaseOrder BOD to an SAP ORDERS.ORDERS05 IDOC. Of course, if you have access to an SAP ERP system, you can go directly to transaction WE60. One other means of getting some IDOC information when access to an SAP ERP system is not convenient, is via the IFR. (
In the end, I wanted more information on the field ACTION on the E1EDP01 segment.

Here’s how to get there:

  1. Navigate to the


  2. Click the Enter link…
  3. Select Components Tab
  4. Expand the SAP LO (Logistics) node.


  5. Select your specific release (ex: Release 46C)
  6. Select Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  7. Select ORDERS


  8. Select ORDERS05
  9. Navigate to the Segment E1EDP01
  10. Read the Definition of the ACTION Field


So now you know what the field means, unfortunately, the IFR does not have the code list of permitted values for the fields that are defined.

So, the IFR is particularly useful if you want to clarify the definition of a specific IDOC field. Unfortunately, for clarification on the permitted/valid values for these fields you’ll have to go to your trusty old ERP system.

UPDATE 01.11.2007: Please see this GONE is the IFR…    =(. The IFR has been retired in 2007.

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  1. Former Member
    I should really thank your tip because i have not explored this IFR and WE60 till now.

    IFR is a good source for getting IDOC/RFC information.
    Good work james.keep giving tips like this one….


  2. Hi James,

    maybe you should have mentioned that the IFR is becming oboslete and will not receive any further content updates. Furthermore SAP reserves the right to close the page without prior notice. There is a big disclaimer on that on its start page.


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Christine-
      Thanks for your comments.  I consciously decided to leave out the disclaimer in the blog.  Those who follow the link provided cannot avoid seeing the red disclaimer text.  In any case, the IFR has been a valuable resource for me since 2002.   I thought it might be of value to at least one more person while it is still available. 

      Which leads me to an interesting question: 

      “What do other people use for IDOC information outside of the IFR and WE60?”

    1. David Halitsky
      I’m in BIT601 right now and our instructor was surprised to see it gone also.  Must be part of that BPX/BPM thing – like the workflow certificaion going away too.

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