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Get your SAP Queries onto the portal in a Hurry!

Using PortalDataViewer

This is a very easy and simple way to present your SAP Queries on to the portal.
You can use this to display report in a HTMLB Grid instead of a SAP Gui screen.
1. Create a iview from par. image 2. Select the SAPQueryTemplate to create your iview image 3. The main properties that you will need to update are as belows: image In the above figure, I have used the MSS standard query ‘Generic iView Home Address’ as the test query. You can create a iview from any SAP Query. Below I have some screenshots to explain what the above properties mean and how to find them. 1. Bring up the SAP Query transaction (t-code sq01). 2. Select the workarea your query is in. For my example here, I am using the Global area, thus the G in the Query Workspace in the iview properties. If you are using a standard area query, leave the field empty. image 3. Now select the UserGroups. This is the usergroup property in the iview. image 4. Select the query and find the suitable variant for the query. If the variant does not exist, I guess you will have to create one. Here the query name is MSS_IT0006(name of query) and the variant is SAP&STANDARD(variant). image 5. Dont forget to populate the systemidentifier property with the system you will be accessing. 6. Presto!. You have now created your fully functional SAP Query Iview. image Last but not least, be aware, although this is the quickest way to bring reports on to the portal, it may not be the most efficient in terms of execution speed(could it be because of the fact that it uses JCO!!).

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