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Illustration of Enhanced Receiver Determination – SP16

This blog illustrates the use of Enhanced Receiver Determination.

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  • Good job !!

    I see in UDF that the receivers are hard-coded i.e. ‘MrService’ or ‘MsService’. How does this mapping program respond when moved to QA or PROD system? Do we need to hard-code the receiver system names in mapping?

    thx in adv

    • Receivers don’t necessarily be hard coded. Receivers could be part of the incoming message nad / or being determined using a mapping lookup. E.g. you could have a plant code in an incoming document and use a mapping lookup to retrieve the business system belonging to this plant.


  • hi
    this blog is really superb.being a fresher in XI
    also when i go through the blog i understand the concept of enhanced receiver determination.however when i tried to excute the configuration then till integration directry it was ok,but while clicking to ektended in receiver determination i am not able to populate my interface mapping program.Its not reflecting the message is coming no object can anybody plz tell me what will the probable error…….
  • When i created a scenario by going through this blog it is giving error that — Error when determining the receiver ,  i want to confirm that interface mapping which u specified using UDF is going to return how many values , i have receivers only male_receiver and female_receiver only, my input file has 3 records, Mr, Mr and Ms,
    But when i tested interface mapping it is giving
    3 receivers as output,
    Is it compulsory that to specify values for
    party and agency or not?
    and is it requires 2 receivers structures in datatype instead of one?
    pls. clarify all these issues.