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How to get started using Conversion Agent from Itemfield

With XI 3.0 SP15, an add-on software is now available to assist with the data transformation tasks.  The software is Conversion Agent from Itemfield.

The Conversion Agent enables efficient development, deployment and maintenance of data transformations for incoming and outgoing unstructured and semi-structured data and messages based on industry standards into XML.

The following formats are supported:


ASCII, EBCDIC, HTML, SGML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Word, StarOffice, WordPerfect, PDF, Undocumented Binaries, Flat Files, Print Streams, PostScript, AFP



This weblog does not show how to develop conversions programs using the Conversion Agent. This information can be obtained thru either tutorials or workshops.

This weblog will show how to setup the Conversion Agent software, its deployment on XI and the Communication Channel configurations.

Steps to get started:

  • Download Itemfield Documentation from Navigate down the following path:

    SAP Netweaver

        SAP Netweaver in Detail

            Process Integration

                SAP Exchange Infrastructure

                    Media Library


    Download the lastest version of “Conversion Agent Documentation XI 3.0”.

    After unzipping the documentation file, you should find the file, CMGetStart.pdf in the appropriate language directory, which contains tutorials teaching the use of the Conversion Agent.

  • Download Itemfield software from Navigate down the following path:

    SAP Software Distribution Center


            Support Packages and Patches

                Entry by Application Group

    Under “Support Packages and Patches”:

    Support Packages and Patches -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NETWEAVER -> SAP NETWEAVER 04 -> Entry by Component -> Process Integration (PI/XI) -> NW04 CONVERSION AGENT 1.0

    Select and download the appropriate software based on OS platform and release, e.g. for Win32 SP15, the file is

  • Extract content of SCA:



The module name must be localejbs/

The parameter name must be TransformationName.

The parameter value must be the conversion agent project name deployed in serviceDB. In the above example, the Tutorial_3 project from the documentation in step 1 is used.

Additional Information:

Please Note: Many of the links in this blog require that you log in to the SAP Service Marketplace.

If you need to register for a Service Marketplace login, or have simply forgotten your password, the Service Marketplace folks have provided us with a useful FAQ that should help. If you already have a Service Marketplace login and would like to associated it with your SDN login, then we can help you right here. That way, once you’re logged in to SDN, you’ll be logged in to Service Marketplace also! You won’t be asked to log in twice.

The link to the SMP login FAQ is:

The link to SDN’s usermapping area is:

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    • Unfortunately, Conversion Agent is for general release under SP15, and restricted release in SP14.  Nothing below that.  You must download the software for the appropriate SP level.  There are quite a few changes between SP14 and SP15.  Going forward from SP15 should have little changes.

      In SP14, specifically, the module name used in the Communication Channel is different:


  • Good job with explaining the process of implementing CM. From not knowing that CM even existed, it only took me a couple of hours, and I was up and running. Dont know if that was quick or slow, but it felt good. And it has opened up for many possibilities.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Best regards,

  • Hello Bill,

    I am trying to install Conversion Agent studio on local machine with XP professional.

    When I extracted ContentMaster.SDA file and followed the installation steps, at the end I got error "null" !

    I have eclipse 2.0.12 but 2.3.x is required for Conversion Agent, hence I had specified to install new copy in the installation folder.

    Also, I noticed that CA Engine is mandatory even if wish to install CA Studio only. When I unchecked CA Engine entry in the installation process, a message appeared that "CA Engine must be selected".

    Pls help.

    - Shankar

    • Hi Shankar,
      First of all, the Engine is mandatory.  It executes the transformation developed using the Studio.

      As for the installation steps, you do need to select the Eclipse 2.3.x if you do not have it already.  And, when did you get the "null"?  When the installation started, after you selected all the installation options? or at the end of the installation?

      Also, can you reply/post this to the regular SDN XI Forum?


  • Hi,

    We are running the XI on an OS/400 installation. On the download page I don't see OS/400. Can I assume, that don't need to concern myself about this product?


    • Sorry about the late reply.  Itemfield is not available for OS400.  Only those platforms available for download are available.

      Best Regards,

  • Could you do me a favour?
    I am stuck with transformation of big-file(say 50M) to xml and want to split messages using content master.
    How do i make it in XI with the Content Master?
    If you have any suggestion or comments, I will be very grateful.
    my mail is:
    Thank you very much 🙂
  • Hi,

    I have deployed my "ANSI850" project on XI.

    However when I try to call it as module it gives me following error.

    Audit Log for Message: ec9fc8e0-1b3a-11dc-908e-00145e367a5a

    Time Stamp Status Description
    2007-06-15 17:51:20 Success Channel EDIFileSender: Send binary file  "/usr/sap/tmp/ANSI850.txt". Size 3956 with QoS EO
    2007-06-15 17:51:20 Success TransformationName: ANSI850
    2007-06-15 17:51:20 Error CM_Transformation_error
    2007-06-15 17:51:20 Error Attempt to process file failed with null
    2007-06-15 17:52:00 Success Channel EDIFileSender: Send binary file  "/usr/sap/tmp/ANSI850.txt". Size 3956 with QoS EO
    2007-06-15 17:52:00 Success TransformationName: ANSI850
    2007-06-15 17:52:00 Error CM_Transformation_error
    2007-06-15 17:52:00 Error Attempt to process file failed with null

    Any idea what could be wrong ?

    Is there any way to find the detailed log for this service.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Dijesh Tanna.

  • Bill,

    In your Powerpoint on this topic, it mentions that Conversion Agent can be used for free for development and limited production use.  Before I go ask my manager and Basis team to install it, I am wondering if this is still the case.  I have a small pilot project I would like to try it with.  Thanks.

    • Hi,
      As far as I know, this is still the case, especially if you are just doing a pilot project.  But, before you go production, pls contact your account executive on the number of messages that can be sent without charge.