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Reporting on Landscape-Wide Monitoring Data in BI

SAP performance and availability data of monitored landscape components, both ABAP and Java based,  is stored for up to 24 hours and displayed in a central monitoring system.  However, IT departments and hosting service providers require history data for long-term service level reporting. SAP Business Intelligence lets you analyze not only performance and availability data but also workload statistics. Data from different sources can be combined there.  Limited reporting on history data is enabled by the Central Performance History (CPH) as of SAP Web Application Server release 6.20.  With SAP NetWeaver ‘04, SAP provides a solution for systems performance and availability reporting (CPH data) using SAP Business Intelligence.   Often, performance problems need to be analyzed further. Typically, workload statistics data collected in the respective systems is used for analysis. Each action within an SAP Application Server is recorded, for example, the start of a transaction, the functions a user is performing within a transaction, RFC calls and database accesses that were made, etc.   With SAP NetWeaver 2004s, workload statistics data of monitored satellite systems is centrally extracted and transferred to an SAP Business Intelligence system (as of Business Content 7.03).   For more details, see the following presentation: Performance and Availability Reporting with CCMS and BI
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  • Hi Dieter,

    I read your blog with interest. Can you confirm the feasibility of using Solution Manager v4 to perform landscape-wide monitring? I make the assumption that since SolMan v4 runs on WebAS v7, it will contain all the BI tables necessary to perform historical workload monitoring, as well as the standard 'real-time' monitoring provided within the base Solution Manager.

    My goal is to have a single monitoring system with BI capabilities and I would like to know your view on whether Solution Manager would be a good place to do this.

    Thanks for the blog...

    Arwel Owen,
    Enterprise Systems Manager,
    Princes Ltd,
    Liverpool, UK.

    • Hi Arwel,
      of course you can use Solution Manager for landscape-wide monitoring. Note that the underlying monitoring infrastructure is CCMS (Tcodes RZ20 and RZ21).
      As far as monitoring is concerned, SolMan is one of three display options:

      • CCMS monitors (SMP quick link /monitoring)
      • NetWeaver Administrator (SMP quick link /nwa)
      • Solution Manager

      Please also note that BI reporting on performance data and workload statistics is independent of Solution Manager. However, you can combine it with EWA reporting in BI.
      For details on Solution Manager reporting features, see the Use Cases in the Media Library using the quick link /solutionmanager in the SAP Service Marketplace.

      You could run one single central double-stack system with the central monitoring infrastructure, Solution Manager and BI reporting.


      • Hello again Dieter,

        You mention running one single central double-stack system with the central monitoring infrastructure, Solution Manager and BI reporting.

        I'm trying to picture what I'd need to physically install to provide this all-in-one solution (which is what I'm aiming for)

        Would this single system consist of:

        Stack 1 =  a single WebAS v7 (ABAP) instance with BI and CCMS already included and also Solution Manager installed.

        Stack 2 = Netweaver Administrator to monitor any Java-based elements of our landscape.


        Would I need to install the full BI_CONTENT packages to provide the workload analysis functionality within BI?

        We've only recently upgraded to mySAP ERP (ECC5), having run R/3 3.1H for 8 years, so please excuse me as I try to understand the vast landsacpe options we now have available to us. It appears that things have changed a lot in the BASIS area during the past year!! ;o)



        • I guess you've already answered my BI_CONTENT question in your original blog - in that BI Content 7.03 is required for this functionality.


          • Hello Arwel,
            as I said, we recommend you run a central double-stack system with the central monitoring infrastructure. This system CAN also include  Solution Manager and BI for technical reporting purposes. However, BI should then be used for no other purposes.

  • Hello Arwel,

    I don't know if I get you right what solution
    you are desire.

    Is it possible to have an exchange on
    this topic offline to get a better & depper
    understanding on your points?

    Thanks & Regards & Nice weekend,