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Taking good care of Z tables

I remember some time ago, when my team was assigned to a migration project. They were running SAP 3.1I at that time, and we were supposed to translate all the Z tables to the brand new SAP 4.6D. Can you imagine me downloading all the fields to a Word document? or taking Paint pictures of the SE11 transaction, you better believe it! Sad isn’t it.

Anyway, I was doing my silly job and thought “maybe I can do something else”. So I debugged SE11 in order to find all the neccesary tables and functions, lucky for me I was able to do it.

In my consultant years, a lot of people have asked me for this code, bacause it’s kind of usefull, so now, I’m giving it out to the community. Maybe it’s not flawless but it has worked for me all the time. I also just fixed it to work on the newer versions of SAP.

The interface is as simple as this picture:


The source code is not that hard:


I hope you like my little piece ofcode -:)

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  • hi there,
    I think almost everyone once in his ABAPer life does program this functionality one or another way (Us LAMP/WAMP fans we don't need this because we just go to our DB client interface and let it create an SQL script 😉 ).

    One nice additional feature would be useful in your Report: a possibility to shift all entities to a different 'namespace'( e.g. by simply allowing to prefix all objects - e.g. select prefix ZXY_ which translates ZMYTABLE to ZXY_ZMYTABLE and ZMYDOM to ZXY_MYDOM)


    • That's a great idea Anton...Haven't thought about it -;)  Actually i wouldn't be that hard...Just need to modify the name of the table (for example) in the loaded file and you're done -:)

      As soon as i have some spare time, i'm going to start working on it -;)