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Integrate SAP Conversion Agent by Itemfield with SAP XI


In a joint partnership with SAP, Itemfield provides the so called SAP Conversion Agent by   Itemfield. It enables data conversions from unstructured and semi-structured data formats into   XML, e.g. from ASCII, EBCDIC, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, HL7, EDIFACT etc.

The Conversion Agent consists of the Conversion Agent Studio, and the Conversion Agent Engine. Former one is for designing and configuring transformations that can consist of   parsers, serializers, mappers, or transformers. Once your tranformation is done, you deploy it   as a Conversion Agent service. The services are run by the Conversion Agent Engine what is the   runtime environment of the Conversion Agent system.

In general, there are two possibilities to integrate the SAP Conversion Agent with SAP XI,   either by a module within the SAP XI Adapter Framework, or via the Conversion Agent Java API. Both   approaches are shown here.


The SAP Conversion Agent by Itemfield has been shipped since SAP XI3.0 SP14. For a complete   list of platforms that are supported, please refer to SAP Note894815.

However, the Java API should be supported prior to SAP XI3.0 SP14.

How to integrate using SAP XI Adapter Framework Module

After you deployed your transformation as service, you can call it from a module within any   adapter that runs on top of the SAP XI Adapter Framework. You can call the service either at   sender or receiver side.

In the SAP XI Integration Directory, create a communication channel, choose an adapter type,   and maintain the appropriate parameters. Change to tab Module to define a local   Enterprise Bean. Maintain localejbs/ as module   name, and set the parameter TransformationName to the service that you deployed.


How to integrate using Conversion Agent Java API

Let’s assume you need to call the transformation service while sending a message to XI.   Furthermore, you intend to use a transport protocol that does not require a sender agreement,   or strictly speaking does not allow to maintain a module within a sender communication channel,   e.g. when using plain http or XI protocol. In that case, the module approach above can’t be   applied.

Alternatively, you can call the transformation service within a mapping via the   Conversion Agent Java API. The Java API is exposed by the CM_JavaApi.sda J2EE library as   part of the SAP Conversion Agent software package, see below.

Define a Java class that implements the Java interface It contains two methods: public void   execute to run the mapping, and public void setParameter to access message header   data during runtime. Import packages, and   com.itemfield.contentmaster. Call the transformation service by establishing a   Conversion Agent parser engine session, as shown in the code below.

Create a .jar, and import the same to the Integration Repository.


Create an Interface Mapping, and choose the appropriate Java Class as mapping program.


For more details about the SAP Conversion Agent including installation guidelines, please   refer toSAP Service Marketplace, and navigate   to → Media Library → Documentation → Conversion Agent Documentation. The   SAP Conversion Agent software can be downloaded underSAP Software Distribution Center→ Download → Support Packages and Patches → Entry by Application Group →   SAP NetWeaver → SAP NETWEAVER → SAP NETWEAVER 04 → Entry by Component →   Process Integration (PI/XI) → NW 04 CONVERSION AGENT 1.0.

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  • Hello,

    I am trying to install Conversion Agent for SP16 locally on machine having XP professional.

    When I extracted ContentMaster.SDA file and followed the installation steps, at the end I got error "null" !

    1) I am installing Engine, studio and documentation.
    2) Although I have JRE & eclipse already installed, I had specified to install them again in the folder where ContentMaster will be installed. Giving path of already installed eclipse had given error.

    Pls help.

    - Shankar

  • Hi,

    Very informative blog.

    Is it possible to use the Conversion Agent to transforms Windows client/server applications into XML and (ultimately reusable Web services) integrate to XI?


  • Hi, very helpful blog thx!

    I am facing an IDoc - XI - OFTP Scenario and I wonder that there are only tutorials/blogs concerning to transform a received message like HL7 to XML - but not vice versa.

    I thought the possibilty exists, so why is there no documentation about....?

    • Hi Carsten,

      I can't comment on what is documented by Itemfield in general, but sure it's also possible to convert from xml to any other format like HL7 for instance. In that case, you have to create a serializer. As far as I know, there should be a tutorial about how to create a serializer as well. For a huge number of formats (not sure if for HL7, but should be), Itemfield provides libraries with preconfigured parsers/serializers. You can reuse them or at least use them as template for your own transformation.