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SDN Clubhouse ’06 Your Suggestions

As promised in my ABAP editor backport post (Mister SDN Goes to Walldorf). More chances to influence SDN and SAP. We are in the midst of planning TechEd ’06 Let’s do a quick look back what we did last year and think about what could be done better this year regarding the SDN Clubhouse and other community activties there. We have celebrated the Best of SDN ’05 (Best of SDN in 2005) what seldom is done is shine a light on things that didn’t work out as planned. (Well there is the it seems never ending t-shirt story 🙁 ) One of the surprises last year was the feedback we got from the TechEd participants regarding the SDN Clubhouse. Overall people were very happy with TechEd and rated the experience as 4.1 out of 5 in Europe as well as US (I am currently trying to track down the India numbers right now). It was the highest that we ever got, which made us happy. ** Vienna 4.1 ** ** Boston 4.2 ** ** Bangalore 3.8 (It is relatively new, some fine tuning will happen.) ** Digging a bit deeper though we find that the satisfaction with the SDN Clubhouse was not on the same level: 0.1. 0.2. Vienna 2.2 0.3. 0.4. Boston 3.2 0.5. 0.6. Bangalore 3.4 0.7. {code:html}Several SDN specimens gathered in a clubhouse and grooved with an excellent coffee in their hand.
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  • I hope that some day i could get to the SDN Clubhouse...I think that i will be a great opportunity to person -;) A lot of my SND Friends...

    Wait for me -:)



  • Hi SDNers,
    I am a bit surprised by the reaction or actually - lack of activity of you SDNers regarding this great opportunity to influence your TechEd'06 experience.
    I can still count the usual suspects that have posted to the SDN Clubhouse improvement suggestions thread at one hand: Suresh, Eddy, Raja and of course Thomas, Marilyn and Craig from SAP.
    Everyone busy in projects? Would be great, a proof that the SAP space is a good one to be in right now.
    I really would like to know why you are not suggesting any improvements to this year's SDN Clubhouse at TechEd.
    This lack of interest isn't really motivating me and the team to create something special (again?). 
    What is the reason? SDN Community fatigue? SDN too slow to post to?
    Let us know, Mark.
  • Hello,

    i was on SDN Clubhouse in Vienna last year, it was great to see that SDN is active on TechEd, great was the espresso bar - not only for the drinks but to meet some SDN people there.

    My problem was, that there were some interesting BoF Session i´d liked to visited, but there were a lot of regular TechEd Session i preffered and there was no chance to get information or material of the BoF Session...

    Another thing i missed is to pick up colleagues who are new to SDN, for example i was there with a colleague and he didn´t really know what is SDN about, in this case i told it to him, but i think there are a lot of TechEd Participants which didn´t know alot of SDN. So Make an little introducing to SDN Course. Present interesting Weblogs, e-learnings, forum threads in the clubhouse ... there is that much interesting material in SDN and all SAP-working people has to know that and has to be convinced about this.

    But not get me wrong it was great to have the SDN Clubhouse in Vienna.

    Regards Marcus