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Persistence in the ABAP Debugger

Ever ran into a situation where you sat down to debug a program, set up all your breakpoints; got pulled into something else, and couldn’t finish debugging that day? That meant that you would come the next day, set your break points in all the pieces of code that you are debugging and basically start all over again. Wouldn’t it have been easier to have our breakpoints stored in advance (persistent across sessions), be able to access them whenever we wanted to and have it made available across multiple users?  Well, SAP has added that feature from version 620 onwards. Welcome to persistent or Session Breakpoints in the ABAP Debugger!  Now you can set your breakpoints, log off from the session, log back in and still be able to view and use your breakpoints in the ABAP Debugger. To do this: 1) Type /h to debug the desired program or transaction etc 2) Set your breakpoints 3) Go to the menu, click on Debugging-> Sessions as shown below: image 4) This gives you a popup as shown below: image 5) Hit ‘Save’ and it saves the break points in either your user name (by default) or any 10 char name with an expiry date not exceeding 1 month. The date can be extended by a week. 6) Now log off the session and log back in, either today or anytime till the Expiration date, and try to debug the same work in SAP. 7) Hit Debugging->Sessions, where you can view yours and other previously stored debugging sessions.  8) Select your session and hit ‘Load’ to load any of these stored sessions and this will bring back all your previously stored breakpoints for you to debug. You could also ‘Delete’ your debugging session. You don’t have go in again and remember where you had saved the breakpoints.  Cool, huh? What’s more, this persistence also works across users. Have another one of your colleagues set and store their breakpoints. Their debugging session will get stored as a separate entry. And yes, you guessed it right, you can even load someone else’s debugging session. This allows breakpoints to be persistent across sessions and users over a period of time.  This works out great for programmers and avoids having to set our breakpoints especially if we are debugging the same issue several times. This cool feature has been around from 620, if you haven’t already noticed. Try it, the next time you debug.
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