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New opportunities on SDN!?

So what’s what these days on SDN? I mean right now we have the huge MOBILE contest going on right now as well as the new stuff in the Scripting Languages areas but what else is happening?  I don’t get much into the MOBILE area so it’s been hard for me to follow how things are going, which is bad since I’d really like to hear about what is going on. My only chance though at the moment is to bug my coworker Kathy into to telling, and since she is so busy with the topic all my questions do is slow her down. So what is the solution?  What can I do to make things easier, so I hear more and more about what is going on here on SDN? I’ve been so busy lately with getting all the stuff wrapped up from the Come on KMers where are you hiding? as well as getting the Community Corner updated that I’ve had no time to sit back and browse SDN like I used to.  So having hours and hours of debating and thinking and discussing we’ve (Mark and I) come up with a thought. We already have “Grumpy’s Corner” which is hosted by SDN’s very own Eddy De Clercq as our first and so far only SDN Community Columnist. So what we are missing is our SDN Community Reporters!  If you like to write and have a bit of a “reporter” in you then have I got a role for you! I’m looking for SDN Community Reporters, now this isn’t a job offer, what we are looking for our creative community members to help us make everyone aware of the great things happening in the community. Mark and I can’t do it alone anymore, which is great as it means the community is just getting bigger and bigger! So if you think you want to take on the role and do some investigative reporting in your free time then please send me a mail and let me know.  You won’t get rich from this, no money is involved but this year at TechEd if you’ve taken on the role and produced some stories for the SDN Community then you will receive a very cool THANK YOU gift!  Anyone can apply!
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  • This is just great news Craig! A lot of thing are going here on SDN...And giving people the chance to be journalists is one of those -;)

    You know i would love to help...But i'm already a blogger and it's actually time consuming -:) Also, i need to improve my english -:P

    I hope that a lot of people apply for this and help the community.