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SDN Breaking News: The HCM corner of SDN!

Not sure if everyone knows but we been building up a nice little pile of information around HCM (you know the HR stuff)! In fact we’ve had quite a few blogs posted on the subject.

and the list goes on… Even our SDN Library has a few items for you to take a look at.

Just today one of the coolest things to get announced was also given over to SDN for exclusive downloads for SDNers! Come on are we there for you or what? You have got to check this out it seems VERY cool, even for me, someone who doesn’t do anything in this area. OK, I do hope to get my paycheck each month but that’s about it 🙂 So what is it and how do you get it? Well first you have to of course fill out a little form letting us know a couple of things and then you can download, install and try it out! Oh yeah I forgot – it’s a, no strike that, it’s the SAP Payroll Change Management Add-on. Want to see it? Well we also have a Webinar available of it as well! Here’s some info on waht it does, the tool provides the following functionality:

  • Feature rich UI that greatly simplifies understanding payroll configuration.
  • Payroll configuration versioning. Any changes on payroll objects can be versioned.
  • A problem view that shows configuration errors in schema, rules, and wage types.
  • Configuration comparisons between clients, among development, testing, and production instances. All the differences are shown intuitively with a single mouse click.
  • Much more detailed log analysis to assist diagnostics.
    • Payroll logs are enhanced with much more detailed information including header rows, and played through a debugger interface with as much details as desired.
    • Wagetype explorer shows the complete history of any particular wagetype through a payroll run, very useful for checking the impacts of any wagetype adjustment.
    • The differences of payroll logs in both the logical flow and the data flow can be compared between either two different logs, or two different periods of the same log.
  • Cross references among payroll configuration objects are instantly displayed with associated documentation, integrity checking, and references, greatly simplifying impact analysis of any configuration changes
  • Offline capable. The tool works offline on a desktop. This enables the payroll configuration to be analyzed anywhere anytime without any live R/3 connections.
  • Work Group support. The tool enables multiple users to work on the same configuration from their own desktops.
  • All SAP instances of SAP landscapes can be managed with one tool
  • The tool supports SAP R/3 4.6C, 4.7, 5.0, and it does not change the SAP payroll engine. It has no negative functional or performance impacts.
  • Very simple to install and implement, minimal training required.

image OK enough of the teasing, click the link and check it out for yourself! DOWNLOAD

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