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Send/Simulate XI message from external world





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Simulating XI Messages-Proto .

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  • This blog just shows how to pump in the messages to XI.We need scenario to be configured accordingly.
    I have RFC-IDOC scenario and I wanna simulate messages for that interface.So your soap client should send a proxy message of RFC to Idoc.Can it be accomplished?
      • What I ment was, if the interfaces exists, then the scenario executes. If not, the message is processed by integration engine.
        sxmb_moni obviously gives error if such a scenario doesn't exists. The core idea is that, you can send xi message to integration engine directly from outside!
        • Pro's

          1.Simple and sleek but this kind of simulation is avaliable as standard feauter from RWB also.

          2.SOAP and webservices are some thing which anyone loves to try out..


          1.As you said if the interface is not there integration engine does not process it.It means if I have 70 different interfaces I need to have 70 soap headers as interface name will be different for all the 70 interfaces.It complicates the developer to change both header and paylaod which may not be that effective.

          Give your e-mail id so that we can communicate further if needed.

          • I don't need to create 70 different interfaces. Instead, I will simply change the message id in the soap request.

            Btw, soap client is just an example and it is not the right tool for load testing 🙂

          • >> Simple and sleek but this kind of simulation is avaliable as standard feauter from RWB also.

            Can you please tell me where can I send "SOAP request" to integration engine in RWB?

          • the Test message feature in component monitor constructs that Soap message automatically and you don't even need to know the endpoint or Soap action just your payload, namespace, interface and QoS.

            Sometimes i'm wondering if people have to much time so they can invent the wheel once again....


          • >>constructs that Soap message automatically

            There is a difference between sending a soap request and using a feature that constructs the soap message internally (for testing).

            Can you please tell me where can i send my "SOAP request" in RWB? I assume, you know the difference between a SOAP request and a web-based xi message client (found in RWB).

            Also, to mention here, the blog is about sending 'XI message' from 'External world' and not about testing a scenario from RWB.

            Sometimes i'm wondering if people still live in stone age and wheel needs to be taught to them!?

          • If you use that for testing or to send messages from the outside world it has its drawbacks. Why would you want to send an actual XI SOAP request from outside instead of using a proper WebService? If you use the XI protocol format, the sender needs to adjust whatever has been done there as soon as you go away from XI (and believe it or not, that can happen). If you use something general, than you can switch your implementation to whatever way (e.g. .Net) and the sender from the outside world will not need to change anything but the URL that is called. That concept of loose coupling is one of the major benefits of integration technology, however when using something proprietary like the XI protocol we really loose that advantage. This said, in which cases in a real project would you really use your tool? Sorry, but i can't see any.