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General tips regarding User Parameter and Personalized F4 help.

Sometimes I wonder how useful some simple things are. I found these two things very useful. So I decided to share it with more people. The tips are regarding using the User Parameter to fill a field automatically and personalizing your F4 help. They both are extremely useful and save time and effort. Using User Parameter to fill a field automatically: Suppose whenever I create a Sales order, 8 out of 10 Sales orders are for a particular customer. I enter the name all the 8 times. It consumes both the time and effort. What if the field automatically gets populated with the customer name everytime. I will have to just delete and enter the customer name 2 out of 10 times(In case, the Sales Order is used for any other customer). Hence I save my time by not typing the same name always. For doing this all you have to do is follow the following steps : 1). Open the TA to create the Sales Order.Enter Order type and Organizational data and Press anter. Press F1 on the field “Sold to party”. 2). In the performance assistant you will find a button “Technical Information”. It looks like this: image 3). Click on this button. From the technical information popup, note down the Parameter ID from Field data. 4). Now go to the SAP main menu. And go to the following window. image 5). Go to the tab “Parameters”. Enter the Parameter ID, and the value you want to use it for image Now just save and close the User Profile. Whenever you open the same screen again, you will find the data for the parameter is already entered. Whenever you press F4, do you browse through huge selection values. The values that may not be relevant to you. But still you have to browse through it.You may not know, but you can also maintain a personal F4 help. If for example you only want to see movement type 501 in TA mb1c (Goods receipt), press F4 there and press the “Insert in personal list” button. image That is whatever entry you want to see in your F4 list, just select that entry and press the button. Next time you open the F4 list, only the selected items will be shown. Now if you want to switch to all the selections again, just press, image This way you will be able to see only the immediate data relevant to you.″ width=”235″/>
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