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Extending Firefox & IE to ease SAP sites search

h3. Easing the SAP Document Search I had created my own Mozilla Firefox Search plugins to search on SDN, SAP Help documents and SAP OSS Notes. Though almost the same efforts had been blogged in the SDN, I will add some more tips on how to extend not only Firefox but as well your IE. Here are the links to the said efforts:{code:html}image{code}

Easily access SAP notes from Firefox (Easily access SAP notes from Firefox) (Easily access SAP notes from Firefox) Hacking the SAP service portal to make OSS notes better (Hacking the SAP service portal to make OSS notes better) (Easily access SAP notes from Firefox) h3. Extending Mozilla Firefox Firefox has a sidebox for search engines and you can create your own search plugin that can be added into your Firefox installation. I created and installed a set of Firefox search plugins as shown in the figure. These search plugins are available on the following link. [ |] h4. Search Plugins Source Codes Since I cannot guarantee that the page will stay for long, I will give the listings here. You can modify it and make your own search plugins. > # Mozilla/SDN Search Plugin 1. sdn.src  h4. Installation Installation can be done in 2 ways. One is thru the help of JavaScript and other one is manual installation. Refer to ( for more details. To manually install your search plugins, first create your SRC and the corresponding image files (commonly a GIF file) and give them a uniform name e.g. sdn.src and sdn.gif. Then copy them into the searchplugins folder located in the installation directory of Mozilla Firefox e.g. C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxsearchplugins. h4. Single Sign-On I would suggest that you should install your certificate into your Firefox to enable single sign-on. Please refer to Easily access SAP notes from Firefox (Easily access SAP notes from Firefox) on where to get this certificate and how to install them. If ever you already have the SSO enabled in your IE browser, you can export this certificate and import it into your Firefox installation.

h4. Test Execution The figure on the right is the screen shot of the search plugins with the specified search key. To search for SAP OSS Notes with a known number, you can just choose the SAP Notes Search plugin from the list and specify the note number. Ain’t that easy? h3. Tweaking Internet Explorer Now let’s proceed how to tweak the Internet Explorer to ease the SAP OSS Notes search. Since IE doesn’t have a sidebox for search plugins, the only way to simplify our search was to use the address bar. This method is the same as what is described in Easily access SAP notes from Firefox (Easily access SAP notes from Firefox) blog, where in the address bar, we can just specify “note 376672” and the result is then returned. (See the next figure) h4. Creating the Registry Entries > Listing 4: SAP Note Search URL : “note %s”  —- Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerSearchUrl
ote] @=”” ” “=”+” “+”=”%2B” “%”=”%25” “&”=”%26” “#”=”%23” —- The key name we use here is “note ” and the URL to our action handler is the value we set in the “@ ” parameter. In the action handler URL, the %s is the search string that will be replaced by the value next to the key specified in the address bar. h4. Creating More > Listing 5: SDN Search URL: “sdn %s” —- Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerSearchUrlsdn] @=”” ” “=”+” “+”=”%2B” “%”=”%25” “&”=”%26” “#”=”%23” —-

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