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Complete XI Backup / Restore in an hour

Systems fail due to many reasons. Some try to recover from the error, learning new things. But most of the time we are in need of a proper backup – restore procedure which is not time consuming. This blog is about taking a complete backup of XI and
restoring it to the same state, even after a reinstallation/crash of the
operating system. This backup is very specific for oracle database.

Steps to take Backup

Backup files

There are many ways one can take a backup. The most
traditional way is to zip it! Lets zip the necessary files.

    • /usr
    • /oracle (including ctrl & data files)

The total size of compressed files comes around 8 GB (the
data is for SP15).

Backup registry





Start the XI Server

Go to MMC and start the instances. Bingo! The server is up
and running as on the date of backup.

Final note:

The server is up and the restore is over. But make sure you
clear the java web-start cache if your restore is made after applying some
patches. If you don’t, you will not be able to see Adapter Engine in any adapter.
This is mainly due the different SP versions in web-start and server since the cache is not cleared.

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  • Thanks Felix,

    In this case you did not shut down the DB at backup time, right? If you do so, he control inconsitencies would not happen. I would use this method only for test, demo and development systems.

    If you want to backup a running oracle in production, it is more secure to use normal backup with redolog applying.

    Personally I think with Ora10 you should use rman, which minimizes the space used for multiple backups.


    • Thanks Bernd,

      The advantage of this method is that, while restoring, a proper installed running oracle database server is not required! Just the OS is more than enough.

      You are right! We can apply this only for test, demo and development systems. For production, we must follow proper oracle backup procedures.

      Best regards,

      • Yes right, it is amazing that you can install Oracle that easyly... just like you are used from the Unix World (without that COM Registration Crap).

        You can mix the "tar the oracle direcory up" with a proper redolog Online backup. This allows bare metal restore and still gives you an clean db state.

        Speaking of bare metal restores, we use Imaging Solutions (disk images on the network and a local spool disk) to maintain a landsacpe of multiple patch levels of XI, because the installation and upgrade process is so time consuming otherwise.

    • Hi,

      Set the path variable. Also make sure you have the OS SAP service users and they are included into the corresponding groups.

      Best regards,

      • Hi,
        We set all the environment variables and created sap os we got this error message
        ORA-01031: Message 1031 not found; no message file for product = Rdbms, facility=ORA
        Pls Help
        Thanks & Regards
  • Hi Felix,

    Can I use this procedure for freshly installed OS. I mean there is only OS installed on the system and nothing else.

    Appreciate if you let me know this.


    • For backup, please refer to the latest SAP inst guide. It comes with how to take a windows backup.
      This is an old blog when backup procedure was not in inst guides.
      • Thanks Felix for quick reply

        I have some questions if you do not mind

        1. We have our SLD on a stand alone server and we are planning to move our XI to different hardware with same OS version. I believe we can do this using system copy but I want to know if we can achieve this using this procedure as the hostname will change.

        2. One more concern is about business landscape, we want to keep the same SID as source for the target system, but SLD being central for whole landscape it is not allowing duplicate entries for business landscape. Can I just point the old Business system to new technical system and make it work as the SID will be same for both source and target. Do you see any issues?

        Do you have suggestions how to move our XI to new hardware.

        Appreciate your response,

  • this procedure will not work at all in most cases!!!!
    It may work, if you install it on the same box without having something updated after

    It will never work in MSCS configurations, it will never on new boxes, because it does not handle components of the original installation which are installing and registering COM/DCOM objects. It will not set any NTFS security in the file system, which is massively used starting at least with 700 based products, no security setting on related to the database or on Windows Services or registry entries are fixed.
    You will never be able to install an Oracle Patchset or Minipatch after restoring on a blank box, important parts of the registry are missing.

    It backup/restore would be that easy, we would do it this way.

    Even the screen shots of the Windows Services are showing that you did not use the documented way for installing an Oracle Home using our response file.

    If things are that easy we would do the standard backup / restore procedures this way.


  • This blog talks about zipping the XI files during backup and extracting the compressed zip files during restore. Also it talks about backup of registry.

    Currently, I am on AIX OS with Oracle DB. I have few questions.
    1- How can I backup the registry in AIX?
    2- How should I zip all the files and extract those compressed files during restore. Is there any SAP utility to do that.
    3- What is the procedure to backup the XI System on AIX OS?
    4- Should I backup the J2EE Engine also with Jload and Java migration toolkit, when I backup the XI System?
    5- If XI system crashes, what is the procedure to restore XI system from backup?
    6- Do I have to restore the J2EE Engine also from backup with XI with the help of Jload and Java migration toolkit. If so, what is the procedure on AIX OS?
    7- If I take a backup of XI system, after 3 days the server crashes. When I restore the backup, how should I recover the lost messages of 3 days?

    Kindly let me know how the above issues should be resolved. Thanks a ton in advance.