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SAP Mobile Contributor Challenge: Rewards for FAQ on Mobile Applications and Mobile Infrastructure

Today is a big day for the Mobile area on SDN and I’m here to tell you a little about it. First and perhaps most importantly, today is the launch of a redesigned SAP Mobile area on SDN. As this is not the subject of this blog, I’m not going to spend any time on it here except to say have a look for yourself at the new structure of the area and some of the changes we’ve implemented. You’ll be seeing many more SDN areas moving into this new design within the coming weeks but the Mobile area is one of the first to launch the new look! Secondly, and the main subject of this blog, we are launching today a new SDN Contributor Challenge to gather frequently-asked questions (FAQ) about specific mobile topics. I don’t have to tell you that FAQs are important and valuable information resources for people of all knowledge levels. If done correctly, they save time for everyone down the road. So, it’s no surprise that the aim of this challenge is to encourage SDN users to submit frequently-asked questions to be included in our existing SDN Mobile FAQs (see SAP Mobile Infrastructure FAQ and SAP Mobile Applications FAQ). Submitters of questions and answers, or just questions, or just answers could be rewarded with SDN points and top contributors in the challenge can also earn prizes. OK, so before I start to confuse anyone, let me outline the details of the challenge… Timeframe Start: Wednesday, March 1 2006 End: Friday, March 31 2006 (23:59 CET – that’s SDN time 😉 Eligible Content Frequently-asked questions (not obscure questions!) – that are not already published on SDN – about the following SAP Mobile Applications and technology:

  • Mobile Asset Management (MAM)
  • Mobile Asset Management for Utilities (MAU)
  • Mobile Time and Travel (MTT)
  • Mobile Sales for Laptop (MSA)
  • Mobile Sales for Handheld (MSAHH)
  • Mobile Infrastructure
  • Rewards SAP Mobile technical experts, designated by SDN, will evaluate FAQ contributions for relevance, accuracy, level of detail, and quality. Points will subsequently be rewarded for eligible contributions as follows:
  • 25 SDN points: very useful question
  • 25 SDN points: very useful and complete answer
  • 10 SDN points: useful question
  • 10 SDN points: useful answer but not 100% complete
  • Contributors may submit a question with an answer, in which case they can receive a maximum of 50 points for that one FAQ submission. Contributors can also submit questions or answers separately. At the end of the challenge, we will award the three contributors with most points earned as follows:
  • 1st prize: USB/MP3 Stick (128 MB)
  • 2nd & 3rd prize winners: SDN USB hub & travel mouse
  • How to Contribute 1. For individual questions and answers, please post to the SAP Mobile Contributor Challenge: Enter FAQ Here (March 2006) forum thread in the SAP Mobile discussion forum. If you see a posted question that you are able to answer in this thread, quote the text of the question and post your answer. Please remember always to start your question with a topic header (ex: Mobile Asset Management). You will not be awarded points directly in this thread. Once the submissions are gathered and evaluated, the results will be tabulated and announced. 2. For more than three (3) questions with answers, send your collective submissions only to Ted Petrenko with the subject line “Submission: Mobile Contributor Challenge”. Ted will forward the submissions to the appropriate technical experts to be evaluated. Do not submit your questions and answers via the SDN support email ( Any content for this challenge submitted through this email address will not be forwarded to be evaluated and therefore no points will be awarded. Final Remarks As with all the challenges, we’ll do our best to keep this one fair and friendly. Please understand that not all contributions will earn points and, those that do, might not earn the points immediately – remember this is a manual review process! So, please be patient if it takes some time for you to get feedback about your submission. As soon as possible after the end of the competition, we will post all the results. So, that said, have fun and thanks for reading and competing!
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  • hello kathleen,

    i have some weblogs on MI that are frequently asked
    in Forum 46 and are not included in the Mobile FAQ.
    could they be considered as entries?


    • Hi Jo,
      Sure they can be considered as long as they do not currently exist in the two FAQ documents I mentioned above.
      Please either post them in the designated forum thread if it’s just a couple or send them to Ted Petrenko to be put into the review cycle.