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Face-off: SAP vs. Oracle

Before organizations commit themselves to any ERP product and its implementation partners, they have to evaluate both from mulitple perspectives to ensure a “successful” project . Some of the most important factors include:

  1. Ability to engage with clients at strategic level
  2. Ability to align business with IT
  3. Comprehensive industry and process knowledge
  4. Superior technical and project management expertise
  5. A deep insight into the overall business and technology trends

During Pre-sales phase, we have to face questions from potential customers regarding comparison between SAP and Oracle and why they should choose one over the other. The topic in itself is quite controversial. Different organizations tend to approach it from different perspectives. My answer to these guyz is pretty simple: “We sell SAP based on its strenghts rather than someone else’s weeknesses!”. Usually, this comment is enough for potential customers to direct their attention towards learning more about SAP’s strenghts. But if they still insist on the comparison, we are left without much choice.

Rather than going into the details of the process, I’d like to point your attention towards a recent article published on SearchSAP website. The article is available here.

It seems that Ms. Faun deHenry of FMT Systems hasn’t been able to find many customers who are happy with SAP. I don’t think I have much to say! Your comments at the end of article might help straigten up a few records.

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  • I have been in two implementations projects, where the customers were discussing about using SAP or Oracle…Can you guess who wins? SAP of course.

    You can’t mix salt and sugar…SAP is going to always be the king of ERP’s.

    What is SAP best strenght? SAP is SAP.



    • Thanks for the comments. I recently experienced working with a CPG firm whose top IT guyz had been working with Oracle software for the last 7-8 years. They had every bit of Oracle on their fingertips. Yet, when it came to choosing an ERP, they went for SAP.

      I believe it is the old image of SAP being too closed, too complex, and too expensive that some of the other vendors use to scare potential customers. I felt this in another one of my recent engagements. For some reason, the customer believed it will be nearly impossible to integrate their legacy logistics software with SAP. It takes some time and effort but yes, SAP just seems to win each time.


  • BTW, I just listened to a podcast on Project Fusion. Here are the highlights:

    1. Fusion: Oracle’s vision for next-generation enterprise technologies, applications, and services that will revolutionize business.

    Driver: Rooted in 3 emerging technology trends – Grid Computing, SOA, and enterprise information architecture

    2. Based on two concepts: Oracle Fusion Architecture (the blueprint for how enterprise apps, middleware and grid infrastructure technologies work together), and Oracle Fusion Middleware (the technology layer that makes it happen)

    BTW, don’t these sound familiar? Something similar to ESA and NW???

    3. Selling pitch: Protect, Extend, Evolve. 

    Protect: continue to invest in existing techology like PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, etc

    Extend: no big bang approach, additive, leverage middleware, example coulde be dashboards

    Evolve: utilize new technology for newer products


  • Man, its terrific.. a friend asked me the same thing. i was wondering what to say coz i know the strengts of SAP not the edge it has over Oracle.. Your blog cleared it! kudos..


  • This is just to share the news that Siemens Pakistan’s SAP Team has successfully implemented SAP at KESC in 70 days. The project scope was FI/CO, MM, SD, HR and Fleet Management using PM.

    To get an idea about the organization, visit

    Are there any other benchmarks for fastest implementations???


    • >>>>Are there any other benchmarks for fastest implementations???

      let’s hope there will never be any…. 

      ROI benchmarks would be great on the other hand


      • Thanks for the comments but I am sure you would appreciate the fact that quick ROI is what organizations are looking for, especially when it comes to backend mission-critical systems. You can’t engage your valuable resources for too long. This is the idea behind SAP Best Practices, Packaged Software Implementation Services, Managed Infrastructure Services, etc. Let the organization focus on its core business, the differentiator, and less on maintaining the supportive technology. Moreover, fast turn around time also demonstrates maturity of the product and methodology employed to implement the product.

        My 2 cents!


  • SAP wins French government contract:
    AFP – Fri Mar 3, 11:09 AM ET

    SAP, the world’s leading marketer of business software, has outbid arch rival Oracle for a contract from the French government to harmonise its budget and accounting.

    Further information available on Yahoo News -> Technology section.


  • SAP is great.. as of now..

    no guarantee in future.. oracle is aggressive enough to digest all SAP functionalities within a single development cycle..

    SAP guys beware of Oracle..