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ABAP Online Meet-ups: A symphony in 5 movements

The ABAP Online Meet-up Series is poised to begin! Mark your calendars for March 10th at 14:00 EST and stay posted to the ABAP Homepage where we will open registration for a new Online ABAP Expert series: a dynamic conversation facilitated by the SDN team, hosted on the SDN platform, and featuring SAP ABAP experts. Our tentative schedule for our upcoming five ABAP sessions looks like this:

Session-1: ABAP News Part-1 – Run-time tools
Session-2: ABAP News Part-2 – Design-time tools
Session-3: Web Dynpro for ABAP
Session-4: ABAP Web Services
Session-5: Enhancement & Switch Framework

When Craig Cmehil piloted the first session back in December, called SAP J2EE Process Architecture Features, followed by the RFID session with Eric Domski on February 23rd, Craig never dreamed he’d be a victim of his own success.

Now we are looking for ways to accommodate the large numbers of SDNers who wish to participate in these sessions. Perhaps creating these talk-back sessions with more emphasis on the live chat conversation channel is the way to interact most effectively with the large numbers of registrations we anticipate. As always your expectations and interests are our priority. I will be posting pointers to reading material that can be regarded as pre-requisite content for each session on the ABAP Homepage .

I’ll also create a thread in the Post your expectations for the ABAP Online Meet-ups here where you can post comments and suggestions.

See you on March 10th!

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  • Hi Marilyn,
    How can we connect to this session.I mean where it will be telecasted?.I am from India so think it won’t be on GMT.Right?.But We guyz will miss it..Any Plan for reconducting for Asia Region?


    • Registration for the ABAP online Meet-up First session is now open!
      Head straight for the ABAP page in SDN.  You know, that one under Application server in the SDN navigation 🙂

      ABAP Homepage

      All details and reading materials are easily found there!

    • The ABAP Online Session Series uses WebEx conferencing so you can live chat with other participants, the speaker. There will be a phone conference line open as well so you can hear the presentation.  You can “see” demos in WebEx as well as presentation materials, but no, this won’t be a telecast.  No video camera…although that would be a lovely idea.  Probably a bit too bandwidth intensive for these.  We might also explore VoIP but truthfully the written chat has worked remarkably well giving many folks opportunity to interact and “speak”…ur write their thoughts.
  • Would a replay of the Webex be available ? I havent seen a replay of the earlier meetup and even the PDFs of the Webinars are no longer uploaded.

    Regards, Parag.