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Restarting Processchains

How is it possible to restart a process chain at a failed step/request?
Sometimes, it doesn’t help to just set a request to green status in order to run the process chain from that step on to the end.
You need to set the failed request/step to green in the database as well as you need to raise the event that will force the process chain to run to the end from the next request/step on.

Therefore you need to open the messages of a failed step by right clicking on it and selecting ‘display messages’.
In the opened popup click on the tab ‘Chain’.
In a parallel session goto transaction se16 for table rspcprocesslog and display the entries with the following selections:
1. copy the variant from the popup to the variante of table rspcprocesslog
2. copy the instance from the popup to the instance of table rspcprocesslog
3. copy the start date from the popup to the batchdate of table rspcprocesslog
Press F8 to display the entries of table rspcprocesslog.
Now open another session and goto transaction se37. Enter RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH as the name of the function module and run the fm in test mode.
Now copy the entries of table rspcprocesslog to the input parameters of the function module like described as follows:
1. rspcprocesslog-log_id -> i_logid
2. rspcprocesslog-type -> i_type
3. rspcprocesslog-variante -> i_variant
4. rspcprocesslog-instance -> i_instance
5. enter ‘G’ for parameter i_state (sets the status to green).
Now press F8 to run the fm.
Now the actual process will be set to green and the following process in the chain will be started and the chain can run to the end.

Of course you can also set the state of a specific step in the chain to any other possible value like ‘R’ = ended with errors, ‘F’ = finished, ‘X’ = cancelled ….
Check out the value help on field rspcprocesslog-state in transaction se16 for the possible values.

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  • This is the kind of weblog I like. short and with useful inside information. I will send this out to all my customers.

    Good work Siggi

    • Hello, Blog really helped to solve the issue.
      However, looking for permanent solution to fix this problem since its happening for many of the Process Chain Loads in NW04S SPs 11. Any help would be highly appreciated.

      Thanks, VIjay

  • Hello,
       I followed all the steps but I am getting the following error.

    Process REQUDEL, variant
    ZDEL_SEL_CUBE_DATA_ZCARHI_1 is not scheduled
    waiting for event RSPROCESS

    and then I have to hit EXIT.

    Can you help?

  • Siegfried,

    Thanks a bunch for this. This will save us many hours of manualy completing a chain – especialy hateful when the chain is so long!


  • This is definitely helpful.

    The standard program RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH can be used instead of the function module to set the status.

    Jesper Christensen

  • Siegfried,

    I created a small ABAP program that makes this much easier.

    This is the code… Just copy it into your system..
    *& *
    * Author: Jesper Christensen
    * Date: Mar 22nd 2006
    * Type: Executable Program
    * Purpose/Description : Restart process chain after a failed request
    * Date | Change Number | Initials | Description
    * 03/22/06 JMCHRIS Program created

    REPORT zrspc_process_finish .

    state TYPE rspc_state OBLIGATORY default ‘G’.

    DATA : logid TYPE rspc_logid,
    chain TYPE rspc_chain,
    type TYPE rspc_type,
    p_vari TYPE rspc_variant,
    instan TYPE rspc_instance,
    jobcount TYPE btcjobcnt,
    batchdat TYPE btcreldt,
    batchtim TYPE btcreltm.

    * select the process log
    where variante = variant
    and instance = instance
    and batchdate = date.

    if sy-subrc = 0.
    * Set the status
    i_logid = LS_PCLOG-log_id
    * i_chain = LS_PCLOG-chain
    i_type = LS_PCLOG-type
    i_variant = LS_PCLOG-variante
    i_instance = LS_PCLOG-instance
    i_state = state
    * i_job_count = jobcount
    i_batchdate = LS_PCLOG-batchdate
    * i_batchtime = batchtim
    error_message = 1.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE ‘I’ NUMBER sy-msgno
    WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    message E000(YBW_USR_MON) with
    ‘Process selected does not exist ‘ ‘ – Check you entry’.
    *————— END OF CODE ——————–*
    Hope this helps

    Best regards
    Jesper Christensen

    • Hi all,
      I’ve the same problem to restart a process chain, but the only difference is the value of the INSTANCE equal to SPACE, STATE and ACTUAL_STATE equal to X.
      When applying the procedure of Siegfried Szameitat, I got error that the INSTANCE should not be empty, so, by updating the status via Oracle statement, the process chain still hinging. So, for more than one week, we have a empty entry in log table RSPCPOCESSLOG in the field “INSTANCE”. Can you please advise how to solve this issue.
      • Hi Aziz,

        Just Insert the instance of the Successfull load (which u find in Displaying messages)  into the instance of function module,and then execute the program and u will find a message saying that event is triggered succesfully.

        :Dont forget to assign points if it helps


  • I am not able to find the instance no. in transaction se16, even though there are many enteries for the variant no. that i get.

    The process chain had terminated because the connection with R/3 was terminated during data upload. 

    Is there any way to restart the process chain

  • Siggi,

    Could you please let us know when to implement the steps in this Blog? I mean under what conditions can this blog be implemented in the chains?
    I think this point may be added to the blog.

    We tried yesterday on an ABAP program, but it had no instance. What should be the course of action in such cases?

    please reply,

  • Hi siggi,
    here i am trying use your blog, as you said i went process chain desplay messages, where am not able to find out the instance,how can i get it.
    here process chain just triggred start variant and below one is loading process type, this job in sm37 finished successfully,but it not moving of below process chain need to get finished immediatly as per SLA.
    But her i am trying get instance for loading proces type which is showing yellow or running.
    • Hi,

      in case there is no instance, just leave it empty. The fm will come up with a warning, then just press enter and the fm will execute.



  • Hello Siggi!

    This is a very interesting blog. Exactly how I like it.

    Maybe you have an hint for a special problem. Our process finished with status G. All is green but the next process doesn’t start. We now want to restart the process at this point. Do you know something here?

    Best regards,

    • Hello Peter,

      I already faced that issue too. Sometimes I was able to start that process using sm62/sm64 (raise the event manually). Therefore step into the chain and right click on the arrow to the process to be started. Select the option ‘Show event’ from the popup menu. Usually it is rsprocess and a parameter. Enter the event and the parameter in sm62/sm64 and raise the event. With some luck the process will start. As I said before. Sometimes it works but not every time.

      kind regards