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RFID Online Meet-Up: No it’s not a web presentation!


10:00 AM EST, Online in everyone’s favored conference spot: office cube, conference room, nursery, hot tub, shop floor,etc.


130-180 SDNers interested in SAP RFID overall roadmap as well as specifics around the new features of Auto Identification Infrastructure (AII), just released in Version 4.0.


Eric Domski, SAP RFID Solution Director and fielder of questions par excellance.


How to get 130-180 SDNers to simultaneously mute their phones but continue to type their questions to our hero and occasionally interact audibly. No, this isn’t your normal “webinar”, this is the innovative format called “Online Meet-Up”. Audience beware: you have an active role in this production. What we will be looking for is a pre-show list of topics, questions, interests, concerns. What this isn’t is a “talking head” presentation where everyone puts their phones on mute and takes a snooze. This is only for the hard-core, non-shy, fast- typing, multi-tasking, participant types, all others need not apply nor audition and can find another presentation medium.


Eric’s RFID presentation can be found on The Technology Home Page. List of questions and a little points contest around recreating good and substantial answers to the questions Eric answered in his presentation can be found on Results of our RFID Online Meet-up

What the Critics Had to Say:

“It’s nice to get a clear idea about the new technology.. Presentation worked fine…. Didn’t care for all the disruption with the questions… Great,, I think frequent meetings like this will surely serve the purpose… The experience was amazing… Only one comment – it was difficult to keep up with the chat questions and follow the presentation at the same time… Nice job – need to break up the meeting to more of them and cover specific topice, judging by all the questions…. Very good chance to get an overview, but there are too many questions to answer, but it was really good, except the connection and that it took a little bit of time till everybody muted his phone…. Many thanks to all involved and especially to Eric D. for his time. I believe it was very informative and hope there will be follow ups….”

Coming Attractions:

Mark your calendars: On March 10th at 14:00 EST meet and parlay with 3 swashbuckling Product Managers who will interact with their audience around the topic of: The New ABAP tools in SAP NetWeaver 2004 and 2004s: New ABAP Editor, ABAP Debugger, Memory Inspector, ABAP Unit, Shared Memory, etc.
Seats are limited. Ideas are welcome. Are you a player?

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