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Verifying XI Components

Verifying XI Components

Is there a standard way to verify whether the configurations of HTTP adapter are appropriately done? Is there a standard way to check out whether the RFC adapter is configured on XI? Is there a standard way to test proxies? How do I verify whether XI is installed or configured properly?-These are few of the questions which comes into mind initially when XI consultants are directly put on to customer landscapes.

We need to go through series of documentations for ensuring that everything is configured appropriately. Today I came across few new FM’s which I am assuming SAP is going to enrich in further releases.

Test HTTP Adapter Configurations:
SXIVERI_HTTP_ADAPTER_CONFIG is used to test the HTTP adapter is configured properly. We need to get the result something as shown below apart from the change in host and logical system name.
Test Proxy Configurations:
SXIVERI_PRX_IFR_ADDRESS is used for proxy configurations. Please check the sample result after executing the FM in our XI system.
Testing proxies

I just demonstrated two FM’s but there are lot of FM available (some in still initial stage) under the package SXIVERI. I am just providing snapshot for some of them below.
sample FM under SXIVERI

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for another good weblog. Is there any way of testing the communication channels? For example, i would like to check if the JMS based communication channel is properly registered with JMS topic or if RFC sender communication channel registered the server program properly with the target system?

  • Hi Sravya,

    Can you please probe more into details on this function modules for all adapters and can we have them at CC level too?