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SDN T-Shirts and the DEADLINE!

UPDATED: Food for Points

Believe it or not but the SDN T-Shirts are still around and we are preparing to start shipping again! However, you have only one way of getting one and if you want to be part of the first shipment you need to be sure that you update your SDN Business Card before Thursday, February, 23, 2006 otherwise you will not receive your T-Shirt until April.  I know you are all thinking, “yeah yeah yeah, here they go again”. Well first you have every right to be disappointed, we bombed in 2005 with the T-Shirts but 2006 will hopefully be very very different!  A few people out there already have their shirts, just take a look but I also know there are many more than that who just haven’t bothered to send in a photo. Come on send them in!!  Once again here are the different shirts:  The shirts start with:

  • 1/4K = 256 Points (Orange)
  • 1/2K = 512 Points (Red)
  • 1K = 1024 Points (Light Blue)
  • 2K = 2048 Points (Dark Blue)
  • 5K = 5000 Points (Grey)
  • 10K = 10000 Points (Surprise)

Options available are what size you want, nothing more nothing less.  So what do you have to do before Thursday, February, 23, 2006 to ensure that you are a part of the first big shipment?  In your SDN Business Card there is a field for address, now you must fill in this field, you DO NOT need to make it visible unless you want to, simply fill it in. Then a bit further down is a field for Additional Info, what we ask is that in this field you put T-Shirt: [size] just change the [size] to XL,L,M or S.  image Oh and before you ask, most SAP employees will not be able to alter their address field, in which case do not despair we will find your in-house mailing address and either bring you your shirt or mail it to you. image It is very important that you include the following information if you wish to receive the shirt. Full Name Full Address (NO PO BOX) Country (believe it or not but some people leave this out) Daytime Telephone Number Without that information we can not ship, and of course without knowing your size we can’t ship either.  You need not make the information public, but it does need to be in there!  Now a couple of other items, we have a lot of shirts that will be going out so you will only receive one shirt and that is for your CURRENT point level within SDN. We will NOT consider sending previous shirts until each person eligible has received at least their first shirt. Afterwhich we will discuss sending previous shirts as well.

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    • Sadly…I don’t have enough points…But i’m happy for the people who are going to recieve the T-Shirts…Congratulations to you all!



      • Get your address in there anyway! The T-Shirt process will start (April) running on a weekly basis for each person who crosses one of the points marks!


  • Well Craig,

    I still remember the chain of mails that took me to get my webloger id to be approved by the SDN team 🙂

    I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank the SDN team in recognizing the contributions of the members and loading them with goodies like T-Shirts and IPods (i just got lucky winning the IPod for week 07 … yippee).

    Working with XI, a technology so young, i guess SDN has proved to be a vital part of my daily chore and each day in office starts by logging into SDN in search of new weblogs and posts that provides one with abundant knowledge.

    May this repository of knowledge keep growing for ever ….


  • Hi craig,
       1 Month back  i have crossed over 250 points and also specified T shirt size,Address. But till now i didn’t receive any Email to conform T shirt size and Address details.Can i get the T shirt this time.

    Gowtham K.

  • Hi Craig,
    I have already updated my address in the business card and i have updated my t-shirt size as well.Whether i need to make my address and t-shirt size visible in my business card?

    Abdul Hakim

    • No need to mark it visible, that is your choice. However if you received a mail from me today that means that your information was not in enoungh time for the first shipment.