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Real Example for formatByExample″ width=”235″/>

formatByExample is a built in Graphical Mapping function which is under Node Functions. In order to know what it does kindly go through the link given below : formatByExample Help

Did you try that example given? Had you tried it, you would have noticed the difference between what that has been said and what that has been figured and what that has come.

If not Let us try this:

Input and Output Structures:





Sample Input and Output:


What is wrong with it?

We have to notice the missing “B2” value in the snapshot given in the link.


 So the actual snapshot should have been


Hope now the UnNoticed gets Noticed!!

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  • I am pretty new to this matter but I have some trouble with the new result as proposed here.  The first inputq = A1,A2,A3,B1,B2,”empty”,C1 . the outputresult should have the context changes of Q2 and this is correct . But most of the values in the resultqueue have to shift forward because the empty value in the inputq  is the second last one. The circled B2 should be empty! Please can someone reply to this if I am completely wrong

  • Important to know what really happens when using the FormatByExample  is the Empty context handling : in the description of what the function does is mentioned that the resultq will have the structure of Q2 taking into account the context changes. But this is not exactly the case because later on is mentioned that empty contexts are also considered. So the function really takes the exact structure  , considering contextchanges AND empty contexts  . And so in the resultq an empty context  (of Q2) will never get a value of Q1!