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Configuring scenario specific E-mail alerts in XI-CCMS: Part 3


I start with the assumption that CCMS is configured for the XI system. If not XI : Configuring CCMS Monitoring for XI- Part I.

Configuring the Monitoring Tree Element with CCMS_OnAlert_Email:

Execute Transaction RZ21

Click on Technical Infrastructure

Activate Central System Dispatching in client 000.



In the Methods group box choose Method Definitions and click on overview.


Choose the method CCMS_OnAlert_Email from the list and make a copy of the method


We can use zCCMS_OnAlert_Email for configuration and let CCMS_OnAlert_Email remains as a template.


To assign this method to the monitoring node , execute transaction RZ20


Go to Methods tab


Click on the Method Assignment pushbutton

In Method Allocation group box choose Method name as  zCCMS_OnAlert_Email


Double click on the MTE class and assign zCCMS_OnAlert_Email as Auto-reaction method.


Double click on zCCMS_OnAlert_Email method in order to mention the sender and recipient information.


Sender is a user existing in client 000 with sufficient authorization.

In Release tab execute method as Auto-Reaction Method.


Configuring SAPConnect:

Execute transaction SICF in client 000.


Double click on the SAPConnect and give the log on parameters of the work around client.


Activate SMTP


Execute transaction SCOT for creating configuring SMTP  and creating new job.

Below mentioned two addresses is the recipient list in the address area.


Double click on SMTP to configure the mail server


Set the entries and now SMTP is configured.

Then create job in the screen and schedule it periodically.

Now  when an alert occurs , the auto reaction method zCCMS_OnAlert_Email is triggered which  generates an alert Email from the sender’s inbox  to the recipient  and  the Email will be put in a queue and the job which we created  picks up all the Emails in the queue and dispatches them via internet in the scheduled interval.

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  • Hello Aravindh,
    Thanks for the excellent info. However, an alert 
    does NOT send automatically when a system error occur. However, when I trigger the auto reaction
    manually, the correct email send out. Is there
    some other setting other than steps in your blog

    • Hi Aravindh,

      Thanks for the details provided.

      I however agree with Binh , that no matter how many times I configure the MTE class and properties for auto reaction methods , it simply does not seem to trigger an email automatically. However , like Binh said , I am able to trigger an email when I goto RZ20 -> Highlight the MTE -> Edit -> Nodes -> Start Methods -> Start Auto Reaction Methods.

      I checked throughly and checked that the Central system dispatching and CCMS MON jobs are all released in the 000 client.

      I tried to manually trigger an alert , by lowering the threshold value , and I saw the node turn RED in color from GREEN , and yet , no mail , no nothing !!

      Can you please advise ?

      Best Regards,

    • I found the solution. Its rather simple , when you look at it. I found that the jobs for sending mails (RSCONN01) were not started in 000 client.Morever , its better to create a shared distribution list (using SO23) in the 000 client.In short , do all your configuration in client 000.The CCMS alerts are now triggered automatically for me….Thanks Aravindh.