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Beginner Blog Posts

SDNers are sometimes frustrated about the different levels of expertise that SDN Weblogs are addressing. Especially that you can’t deduct from the overview whether a post is targeted for SAP beginners or not. Let’s not forget, that we all have been beginners once. Categorization of weblogs suggested a categorization into: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.

Now we could have put a request on our long feature wish list and over time sooner or probably later we would have gotten the request developed.

Today we thought of a simple, may be not optimal solution. We added Beginner to the Topics List. Now when you create a post that is geared toward SAP beginners you can easily tag it as such by selecting the Beginner topic. That way it shows up next to every post and in the overview too, like with this one that you are reading right now: Posted on Feb. 15, 2006 07:29 PM in SAP Developer Network, Beginner

You can even update your old posts, just don’t switch them back into draft mode. If you put your post back to final it will have the current date and time and will be on top of the most recent Weblogs page, which you don’t want.

Curious if this works out.

Bonus link: Others are laying off developers, SAP is hiring. Next Tuesday February 21 from 4:00 to 8:00pm SAP Labs US (Palo Alto) will be hosting Career Momentum, a career and recruiting event for software industry professionals.

SAP and its ecosystem partners are hiring for hundreds of positions in Silicon Valley and worldwide.

Unfortunately currently no open positions for SDN community support people 🙁

It is great to see that the demand in the ecosystem is such that a whole event is set up.

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    • Hi Mark,

      it was nice to see you at the Apple Wine place in Frankfurt and I remember mulling over this idea.

      I am worried from your description, that the beginner blogs will be stored in a topic beginners and not in the technology topics.

      What I mean is, if I write a beginner blog on BSP like the one I wrote last year (How to create your first OO Abap Class for a BSP – How to create your first OO Abap Class for a BSP), will this blog appear in the BSP blog topic list or only in the beginner blog topic list ?

      If the latter, if this blog will only appear in the beginner blog topic list then this will be a mistake for the community at large.

      My opinion:

      Beginner blogs are as important as expert blogs in this community.

      I am sure there are many here, whom, like myself are quite knowledgeable on certain areas of Netweaver eg Portal and not so knowledgeable on other areas of Netweaver. And from time to time in our jobs we have to have a go at another part of Netweaver (eg BSP) because of projects we are working on.

      Where is the first place we look for answers to questions, the technology blog topics (eg BSP), and when we look on the technology blog topics (eg BSP), if there is only super deep expert content, what are the beginners going to do ?
      Then go and search the more horizontal beginner blog topics for a blog on BSP and on their subject question ? This is cumbersome and time consuming.

      Beginner blogs on a subject, for example BSP should appear in the BSP blog list (like this other one I did – SDN-BLOG How to do internal Tables in BSP
      SDN-BLOG How to do internal Tables in BSP), otherwise where will people new to BSP go for their beginner ‘get you started’ info ?

      What about simply checking submitted blogs and if they are more beginner oriented, then putting a notification at the start of the subject line.

      This would mean in practice, a blog like this:

      How to create your first OO Abap Class for a BSP

      would have its name changed to:

      BEGINNER – How to create your first OO Abap Class for a BSP

      and a blog like this –

      How to handle xRPM Backend Authorizations

      would have its name changed to:

      EXPERT – How to handle xRPM Backend Authorizations

      both blogs would be in the BSP queue which would mean they are easier to find for people searching for answers to beginner or expert questions on BSP as they don’t have to jump between the Beginner blog queue and the BSP blog queue in their search for answers to their questions.

      What do you think Mark ?

      Thanks for the t’shirt and usb hub.


      • When you create your blog, you select topics by holding the “cntrl” key and clicking. This means that if you select “BSP” and “Beginner” that both of these topic lists will show that blog.

        Therefore inside the “BSP” topic list I should be able to quickly see the ones with “Beginner” selected as well as the listing shows each topic a blog has placed in.

        This of course would not have been possible if not for Mark’s pushing of these topics to be displayed – that of course went live recently which gave us the opportunity to add in this part now.

        More things are coming and well formulated comments such as this one will help us tremendously – keep up the great work!


  • Thanks Mark for considering the suggestion.

    Hope all blogers are ready to switch their weblogs to begineers mode which can contribute for begineers, ASAP.

    Kamaljeet Singh

  • I’d like to see “Beginner” or “Intermediate” or “Expert” as an identifier on all blogs that are more technical. 

    I don’t think this is needed for general-topic blogs, but this raises the issue: Are there other identifiers we should use, like “General” or “Opinion” or… ? 

    SDN community: What if our content (like articles, whitepapers, etc.) was labeled in this way, too?  Would that be helpful? 

    Would people around the world recognize icons like those used for skiing (green circle for beginner, blue square for intermediate, black diamond for expert)?