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Unable to open IR/ESR/ID ? (XI/PI/PI 7.1) [Updated for PI 7.1 support]

One of the common trouble(s) that an XI/PI developer gets into is not being able to open the Integration Repository/Enterprise Service Repository and the Integration directory.

Before we start trouble shooting the same it would be indeed a good idea to know what is the role of Java Web Start in XI/PI. So I recommend reading the Java Web Start by Sameer .

The Problem?

•   Once you click on IR/ESR or ID you get a download error and you are not able to load the jar files.

•   You put in the login id and password but an error pops up saying ‘Authorization error; unknown user name or incorrect password’ even though with the same id and password you are able to open SLD and RWB.

The following are some trouble shooting steps that may help resolve the problem.

In Case of versions < PI 7.1:

If you have read the weblog by Sameer an important point to note is the version of Java™ 2 Standard Edition or J2SE. It is recommended to have a minimum of JRE 1.4.2 or higher. But it’s better not to have JRE 1.5 and above as in various situations it has been noticed to throw errors.


Note: To avoid auto updates of J2SE to higher versions go to the control panel and open the ‘Java Plug In’ icon. Browse to the update panel and uncheck the checkbox for ‘Check for Updates Automatically’.


In case of PI 7.1, you need to have Java SDK 5 and above. Any version below will cause issues

•   An entry into the host file is needed specifying the server details.  The host file is usually found under the path C:/WINNT/system32/drivers/etc or C:/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc. This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each entry should be kept on an individual line hence a typical entry into this file would be the IP address first, separated by a tab followed by the host name.

•   Open Web Start and go to Preferences. In the General tab you will find 3 radio buttons for proxies. Select the ‘None’ option and try to launch IR/ESR/ID.


•   Try clearing the cache folder Java Web Start–>File–>Preferences–>Advanced–>Clear Folder and then try downloading the jar files again.

•   Try Re-Initializing the Design and Configuration in Administration link of XI/PI home page.  XI/PI Home page -> Administration -> Java™ Web Start Administration  The following will address the 2nd point of the problem statement.Note: This situation is usually noticed when trying to log on to the XI/PI server from a different LAN or that the client and servers are in different domains.

•   Check whether the user id has the roles SAP_XI_DEVELOPER and SAP_XI_CONFIGURATOR assigned to it. 

•   Check whether the XI/PI server has any firewall settings. If yes, open the ports 8000, 500XX. Also repeat these checks for the workstation you are working on. TELNET can be a method used to check the same.  To run TELNET, goto Start -> Run and type telnet.  Once the TELNET window opens, run the command ‘open’ which has a syntax -> open hostname [port]


If the connection is successful the following window follows,


•   Apply OSS note 864268 and then try reinitializing Java Webstart by going to your XI/PI Home Page –>Administration–>Java Webstart Administration–>Reinitialization.

•   Another option would be to connect via a VPN to the network where the XI/PI server is configured. The Java Web start package for Integration Builder tries to connect using the IP address of the XI/PI server. The XI/PI server is generally setup with a local IP address which is not routed over the internet.

The above listed are the various options that we can try for a successful login to the Integration Builder.If these wouldnt work … Well, we all can always depend on the XI/PI content area Process Integration (PI) & SOA Middleware 🙂

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  • I have taught an internal-company XI class 3x and it always takes too much time to get through this step with each participant (as each person uses their own laptop).  I was just about to revise and improve the procedures guide for installing Java Webstart, but with this blog you have done the work for me.  Thanks!
  • I had a very hard time logging on to the Integration Builder. As SAP recommends Webstart 1.4.2_12 I downloaded that and installed it. A colleague of mine managed to log on to the same server with 1.4.2_12, but I still couldn’t. I tried it a couple a times but to no avail.
    Someone else suggested SDK 1.4.2_06 and that finally did the trick. Don’t know what changed from version 6 to version 12, but it sure helped me out of a dead end street.
  • We are getting “Authorization error; unknown username or incorrect password ” error when we try to login to Integration repository , Integration directory in Consolidation XI 7.0 system.

    But I can login sucessfully with user “pisuper” , but not any other user.

    Our BASIS guy has assigned similar authorization as pisuper.

    Since i have all the roles as copy of “pisuper” , it is not allowing to login.

    We have not done any SSO.

    Please suggest if someone encountered this same issue.

    – Kristene

  • Hi Shabarish Vijayakumar,
    thanks for this blog. I was able to fix the error when I had trouble starting the Integration Builder. All the while I thought it was because of the location transfer of our XI servers.

    thanks again,

  • Hi,

      I can log into PROD SAP GUI but I am not able to login into IR/ID/SLD. It says ‘Authorization error; unknown user name or incorrect password’
    please help.
    I have copied all the roles from my development user id to my prod user id as i am able to login into my DEV’s IR/ID/SLD. The network ppl claim there is no firewall used. When i use telnet to check whether port is open or not, it says that the connection to server is lost.
    Kindly advice.