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SDM Deployment as ANT Task

Here is a little tool that helps you to integrate SDM deployment into your ANT build scripts.

Why would you need this you may ask as there is the Java Development Infrastructure that does the deployment for you?

Well, when you have the JDI installed you will probably not need this (or only on rare occasions) but for others that use ANT for building and packaging their applications this can be quite usefull. I needed it quite often for customers that were migrating their J2EE applications from another App Server like JBOSS.


So here it is: You can download it from my website and there is a small template how to use it.

Disclaimer: SAP does not take any support for this.

Download the SDM deployment task and the sample build.xml


Here are some instructions for people that do not know ANT:

well the use of the tool is straight forward if you know the ant tool.

Prerequisites:<br /></p><ul><li> you need Java at least 1.4 installed.</li><li> you need to download ANT a java make tool from</li><li> Install ANT just by unzipping it. You must set JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to the path of your installation directory of java and the ANTHOME variable to the Path of the unzipped ANT.</li></ul>Add both variables to you PATH environment variable.This is for windows: %JAVA_HOME%/bin;%ANTHOME%/bin;<Rest of the PATH><p><br />now ANT should be working, verify by opening a commandline and type </p><p>commandline>ant<property name=”httpport” value=“56000”/>

<property name=”sdmport” value=“56018”/–>

<property name=”server” value=“vmw0004”/>

<property name=”httpport” value=”54100“/>

<property name=”sdmport” value=”54118“/>

<property name=”SDM_HOME” value=”C:/usr/sap/SNE/JC60/SDM“/>            <pathelement location=”$/sdmAnt.jar”/>

            <pathelement location=”$\program\bin\SDM.jar”/></p><p>            <fileset dir=”$\program\lib”>

            <include name=”*/.jar”/>        host=”$





 Go to that directory with your commandline

commandline>cd mydir

commandline>ant -buildfile sdmAnt_build.xml


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  • A really useful tool for someone whose main task is deployment … Do you have more information about the SDM API? I know it’s not official (yet), but it would really simplify my life.

    best regards

  • I am getting this error:
    Server sapserver did not accept login request as apiadmin on port 50008

    Why is it not using the Administrator user?

    How can I work around this error?


    • This error can have several reason.
      First your port does not seem correct: The sdm port usually ends with 18 e.g. 500018
      Second it could be that somebody is deploying something with NW Studio while you run the SDM ANT Task. The IDE sets a lock on the SDM that is why no other user is allowed to deploy something during that time.
      I am not sure if apiadmin really means that this is the user the SDM uses but it gives me a hint that the NWStudio is connected to the SDM and locked the access via that api.
      Just for information: The SDM uses by default the Administrator user that is configured in the secure store. You log in into SDM and then the SDM connects to the J2EE engine with the configured user in the secure store.
      It is a bit confusing I know.
      Still try my 2 suggestions:
      Check if the port is correct and then check that no other person is deploying while you run the ant task.
    • Dear Jan,
      hallo David,

      your problem was described in the SAP Note 941150.

      I’ve had the same problem but after update to the newest version the problem has gone.

      Best regards

  • I am trying to download the SDM Deployment as ANT Task and the example build file but the link takes to the common error page 404.

    Can I still get this task?