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Top Weblogs of All Time [19 to 14]

There they are, even our BI Forum King, [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] managed to get a weblog in or two, hey Detlev where are your weblogs? You’ve been approved for a reallllly long time now! There is also this weblog which I think is amazing, Beginning EP Development by Umair Salam; this is the one I mentioned Top Weblogs of All Time [25 to 20] it was posted on Dec 13, 2005 and has already sky rocketed up the rankings!! It was also his debut weblog here on SDN! I’m also not sure if anyone has noticed but our #1 top contributor here on SDN, Thomas Jung, has quite a few blogs here in the top 25, so far I’ve shown you 4 from him! So anyone interested in knowing which ones are coming up next? See one here that you might have missed at some point? Check them out these are all excellent blogs and worth the time to read!

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  • Hey Craig,

    Is this the right Criteria to decide the number of views as the Criteria that Blog is good or bad, useful or not of anyuse?

    Sometimes number of blogs views increased because some comments are very interesting, and people liked to read comments again and again, And many such reasons.

    Hope to see your series of blogs at TOP soon. (now number of views of your this series is going to increase like anything, atleast after this comment, till you won’t delete my comment)


    • You are a strange individual, why do you think everyting you write will automatically be deleted? Doesn’t matter, not the point of this blog and not something to discuss here. No one on SDN should be afraid to speak their mind, provided they have a good strong and professional statement to make they are welcome to do it!

      As for this series, this has nothing to do with “good” or “bad” is simply the blogs which have been viewed the most, and the view count does not simply increase each time you refresh the blog 🙂 we do have some checks to prevent people from simply refreashing their blogs over and over and over again to rise up in the ranks. We have however, like most of the other websites out there, noticed a corralation to the number of views and the value of the blog.

      As for people reading a blog because of the comments, well that’s the point as the comments are related to the content of the blog. Actually the only time a comment might be deleted if it is TOTALLY off topic from the blog – such as SPAM.

      • Good to know you have no plan to delete my comments.

        Hope to see your this bolog at TOP when next time you are going to publish the same type of series again in near future, may be some good blog will miss the race of list?

        Try to come-up with some way to decide which blog is good or bad, and then publish TOP 25 good blogs, people may find it more worth.

        Just a little suggestion.