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Portal developer: Boost your development speed by 50% or more!

Greetings SDN’ers

It’s time to boost your development speed by 50% or more!

If you were to build a new application on the NetWeaver platform you probably should use Web Dynpro. However, there are times where Web Dynpro is seriously overkill or if you for some reason do not want to use a framework that’s external from the portal.

It is here DynPagePlus comes in handy. DynPagePlus will help you as a developer by automating all the tedious stuff in DynPages. DynPagePlus also provide a truckload of convenience methods for various tasks.

DynPagePlus is an open source framework built on top of the DynPage framework utilizing HTMLB components for GUI creation. DynPagePlus relies heavily on the well proven MVC pattern for separation of concerns.

Here is a list of some of the features of DynPagePlus version 1.0 (current):

  • Automatic data bean creation. If you do not supply one, you’ll get a DefaultDataBean which are adequate for most scenarios.
  • Automation of the field mapping usually done in doProcessAfterInput() (component values to data bean fields).
  • Automation of persisting the data bean in the session scope.
  • Automation of initialization and making all normally used objects available as local fields.
  • Face class to replace JSPs and enforce the MVC pattern

Here are some features planned for version 1.1 which is expected to be released Q1 2006:

  • Connection adapters for JDBC and RFC connections.
  • JDBC utilities to generate a TableViewModel or a IListModel from a SQL statement.
  • Keyword substitution in localized texts. Add a “{0}” in your resource bundle and have it replaced runtime with any given string provided to the getLocalizedText() method.
  • General validation methods for server side validation.

Another ting we’re currently working on is providing a way of having event methods in HTMLB components. If we can accomplish this, HTMLB components will be real pluggable components, empowering organizations to make UI components of their often used UI elements based on simple HTMLB components thus boosting development speed even more (like Web Dynpro).

If you think DynPagePlus is worth a try, there is a tutorial you might want to consider at the DynPagePlus source forge site:

This is the first getting you started blog submission, and I promise to write a more detailed explanation of DynPagePlus shortly

Best regards

Thomas Bo Bentzen

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