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SAP NetWeaver Voice

Voice enabling SAP Services, a few days back the SAP NetWeaver Voice White Paper came to my attention, clarifying the technology and possibilities developers, business process engineers and others will have to combine the world of voice (speech recognition, speech interaction, etc.) with the world of SAP data and processes. With the ramp-up of SAP NetWeaver Voice this summer, it will be possible to define process flows within Visual Composer and the Voice kit for Visual Composer Voice, which can interact with the caller and can access (and update) data in the SAP  backend system. Due to the fact that the backend system can be any SAP system we know of, like ERP, CRM, SCM, etc. you can just imagine how many alternative ways you have to communicate to SAP systems via voice. User can for example check the status of an order, make a leave request (or sick call), doing a time entry, all of which are enhancing the call center services. The new SAP NetWeaver technology is connecting to the existing “voice world” by using the industry standard of Voice XML (leveraging VoiceObjects technology), which enables a large variety of voice partners to connect to the SAP voice interface.  Check it out, it’s great stuff.   If you like to get more information about SAP NetWeaver Voice just check out the white paper , posted in the SDN. Voice Objects
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  • This option looks very useful. Sometime before, I did a prototype on how VoiceXML can be leveraged for  existing business process improvement and how SAP XI can be used in designing value enabled voice applications. I wrote a weblog on this topic -> VoiceXML with XI: Speak out loud so you could be heard.

    Nice, you started this up. Guess we will see more on this topic soon.


  • This looks like great technology to lower the cost of developing and deploying Voice applications and make it more mainstream – outside of the traditional contact center applications.

    Does anybody know if Netweaver Voice works with any other vendors besides VoiceObjects?

    • Hi Sanjay,
      Currently the VoiceObjects software is completly integrated within SAP NetWeaver. As far as I understand we have a limited OEM agreement that you can start with four included lines and then would have to extend. As the integration is build via API it could be possible laso to connect other providers, but that question would need to be answered by the technology group.
      Kind regards,
  • Fantastic information. I attended the live demo in TechEd Amsterdam last year and looking for more information on the Ramp-up. Could you please help.


    • Hi,
      The SAP NetWeaver Voice will be officially made available to all customers beginning of April and goes then into Ramp-Up.