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OssNoteFix script updated for Greasemonkey 0.6.4 and Firefox 1.5

Last year, I got so frustrated at the pain of using the SAP Service Marketplace, and particularly OSS notes, that I got up and did something about it – I wrote ‘OssNoteFix’, a Greasemonkey script that:

  • put the OSS number and note title in the page’s title (and therefore the browser window/tab too)
  • made OSS note numbers in the text of the OSS note into clickable links
  • removed the dreadful frames so you can, e.g. bookmark the notes

You can read more about it in the Hacking the SAP service portal to make OSS notes better or just watch the screencast of how it works.

Since then, new versions of Firefox (1.5) and Greasemonkey (0.6.4, for Firefox 1.5) have been released. Greasemonkey’s security model has changed, and OssNoteFix stopped working. Well, this weekend I finally found a couple of tuits and got round to updating the script, which is now focused on running with these releases of Greasemonkey and Firefox (if you haven’t upgraded, do so now!).

So without further ado, OssNoteFix 0.2 is available for installation.

For those of you who are interested, and / or want to be confused, here’s some background info. Of course, you can look at the code to see how it works and what changes were made, and even modify it to suit your own purposes, because it’s Open Source.

Share and enjoy!

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  • Seeing is believing and you not only deliver OSSNoteFix love, you also packaged it in the slickest little demo I’ve seen in a long time.  That really is a great example of what I like to call eTeaching.  Smart, clear, well-articulated.
    For those of you who watch the screencast, make sure yo scroll down so that you don’t miss the “live” documentation.

    Thanks so much DJ for your innovative way of telling us about your latest fix.  I’m hooked 🙂


  • Useful and easy saving process from IE.
    I am using IE 6 and Bhelpuri-Trixie which allows add-on scripts that u created. It work with the frame’s title bar but not the note no’s hyper links. when you are available, do enhance the scripts to work with IE 6. Thks.

    Steven Cheong

    • Hi Steven

      Thanks for the comment. But you’ll have to look elsewhere for work on IE – I only ever use IE under extreme duress and when *nothing else* is available. I prefer to use a standards compliant browser on an open platform – and that sort of discounts Microsoft on both counts 🙂

    • Hi folks

      Sorry, I’m on a leave of absence from the Interweb, and is hibernating. I’ll grab the script and make it available somewhere and let you know.


  • I’ve been visiting this site for the past several months and I’ve never been able to get ossnotefix .2 for Firefox 1.5. Pipetree is never available. If anyone has ossnotefix .2 for firefox 1.5, would you please be so kind as to post it somewhere accessible or email it to me directly? I would be eternally greatfull.