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Installing a Solution Manager Diagnostics (the easy way)

As you know for NetWeaver components that run over Java stack, a *

Solution Manager Diagnostics * is required so, i think a lot of people will

be installing one of them very soon (standalone or within Solution Manager 4.0)

I want to share with you in this weblog my field experience installing it, which

can be taken as a quite small and brief “cookbook” that will help you not to spent

a lot of time only for the preparation. I’ve divided the installation process in 5


       1st  Pre-flight check

       2nd  Installing the SMD (Monitoring System)

       3rd  Installing the SMD Agents & CA on monitored Systems

       4th  Installing the WTI & other features

       5th  Links and documentation about “How to use it”

    So it looks easier, let’s start:

    1st:  Pre-flight check

    During this phase you have to:

    – Definition & Concepts

    – Download Packages & Guides

    – Collect Important data

    Definition & Concepts:

    The Solution Manager Diagnostics normally runs over a Java Stack for a Web

    Application Server 6.40 or higher. SAP strongly recommends to run it separately

    from the solution that will be monitored, so the first thing that you have to do is

    to identify where the SMD will be running on. This WebAS will be know as of this

    moment as “Monitoring System” (*)

    If you have a “Monitoring System” you will have also

    “Monitored Systems”, those Monitored systems can be either the NW

    Portal or the XI or MI or CRM……. that you want to include on your Solution

    Manager Diagnostics

    (*) In case of you’re running an SAP Solution Manager 4.0 this one becomes the

    Monitoring System, in this case the Diagnostics will run on same Java Stack of


    Downloading Packages & Guides:

    You have to download the following guides from SAP Service Marketplace:

    – Supp. Setup Guide – Solution Manager Diagnostics NW04 SPS (latest)

    – Supp. Setup Guide – Component Analyzer NW04 SPS (latest)

    – Supp. Setup Guide – Solution Manager Diagnostics NW04 adv.

    – Installation Guide Wily Introscope 6.0.1

    These guides are available on NW Operation

    * -> Supportability*

    You have to download the software, as usual from SAP Software Distribution Center

    (swdc) page. Please download the following packages:

    *- Solution Manager Diagnostics Archive: LMSERVICE(latest

    version) *

    + go to 

    -> Download -> Support Packages and Patches -> Entry by Application Group -> SAP

    NetWeaver -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NetWeaver 04 -> Entry by Component -> Application

    Server Java -> SOLMANDIAG04 -> OS independent+

    *- The SAPinst package for Component Analyzer and SMD Agent:

    CDSMDTOOLS(latest version).sar *

    + go to 

    -> Download -> Support Packages and Patches -> Entry by Application Group -> SAP

    NetWeaver -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NetWeaver 04 -> Entry by Component -> Central

    Admin -> COMPONENT ANALYZER 6.40 -> *- The Wily Introscope Manager & Agents *  (refer to SAP Note 797147 for details) </p> </ul>

    Collecting Data:

    You need to gather some information about your system before starting the

    installation, this will help a lot!. The data required is from your Monitoring

    System which is the WebAS where the SMD will be running on:

    – Hostname where the SDM will be installed (full qualified hostname)

    – ITS Client number. This is normally the productive client

    – ITS port

    – IGS hostname (full qualified hostname)

    – IGS port

    – Login Ticket Client (for SSO)

    – SSO certificate export location (path to find the SSO Certificate, normally a

    shared directory)

    – SLD Bridge information (in case you use System Landscape Directory)

    – SAP NetWeaver Administrator user & password

    Sometimes is hard to find this information, if you don’t know how to get it, just

    have a look on “Supportability Setup Guide – Solution Manager Diagnostics NW04


    Now we’re ready to start the Solution Manager Diagnostics installation

    2nd  Installing the SMD (Monitoring System)

    As a pre-requisite you have to patch the WebAS 6.40 Java (where the Diagnostics

    will be running on) to the latest SPS available, once the WebAS is patched just

    move the LMSERVICE(latest version) to this server and deploy it by using the


    Then you have to create the users and assign to them the roles as indicated on

    the guide “Supportability Setup Guide – Solution Manager Diagnostics NW04”. It is

    important when using an ABAP system as UME datasource to select the same ABAP

    client that has been set as datasource to create the users

    Afterwards connect into your new Diagnostics administration functionality, with

    admin user (Administrator or J2ee_admin) by the following url +*

    http://(hostname):(http port)/smd/admin *+  (this hostname & port

    correspond to the java stack where the Diagnostics has been deployed); Now you’re

    in the Diagnostics administration. You have two important steps, First at all you

    have to  fullfill the requrired data (already collected in first phase) on

    “Monitoring System Setup” tab and click “save monitoring setting”


    Secondly, we must run the upgrader by clicking on “upgrade now”

    button located on Upgrader Tab and Disable the maintenance mode by clicking on

    “disable maintenance mode” button located on Agent Administration

    tab, otherwise during the agent installation you will have problems as per the

    agent will not be able to connect into Diagnostics.

    If you have any doubts about these steps, have a look in the Supportability Setup

    Guide – Solution Manager Diagnostics NW04.

    3rd  Installing the SMD Agents & CA on monitored Systems

    Well friends, this step must be run on each monitored system, and

    now you have to use the guide “Supportability Setup Guide – Component Analyzer NW04

    SPS (latest available)”


    never as root!

    – if it runs on Windows use the Domainosuser during SAPInst definition

    Then just run SAPInst and follow the guide, the installation is so easy

    After you finish the installation you have to configure the Components with the

    CA as indicated on the guide, then go back to the Diagnostics administration and

    click over the “Agent Administration” If your system agent appears you have

    finished the installation sucessfully, otherwise you have to check the Component

    Analyzer again and restart the agent on monitored system until system agent appears

    in the Diagnostics

    If the agent appears in the Diagnostics means the agent is able to comunicate

    with the Diagnostics, Now you have to allow the Diagnostics to communicate with the

    agent, for this please type the P4port (5XX04), the J2EE administator user

    & password (for monitored system) on Diagnostics “Monitored System Setup” tab and

    run the tasks by click over “Setup All” button. These tasks not only allow

    Diagnostics to get data from SMD agent, but also to get data from the CCMS agent


    that’s all !!!!

    4th  Installing the WTI & other agents

    This activity appears as (Optional) in the guide, but i recommend you to install it

    too, why ? beacuse this tool helps to SAP Support to go to the root cause of

    problem in a faster way, as a consequence in case of troubles you will get a faster

    answer from SAP…..

    In there you will find 3 components:

      a) Wily Introscope Webviewer(to be installed on Diagnostics server)

      b) Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager (+to be installed on Diagnostics


      c) Wily Introscope Agent (+to be installed on WebAS servers for monitored


      the Wily Introscope guide is very good and you can follow it step by step,

      however you have to change the Enterprise Manager and webviewer port to the http

      port defined on your Diagnostics server; By default the Enterprise Manager port is

      6000 or 6001 so just adjust it to your webAS http port (normally 5XX00)

      Now is time to adjust the Monitored Systems in order to provide the required

      information into the Diagnostics, from my point of view this is the most important

      task on this process, please have a look on “Supportability Setup Guide – Solution

      Manager Diagnostics NW04 Advanced”. On this guide you have to follow the section

      b and setup:+ Java Parameter Settings, HTTP Analysis, Thread

      Dump and Garbage Collector Analysis, Single Sign-On on Monitored System, the

      Software Change Reporting and Enable Session Tracing…+

      After finishing this setting you’re able to use the Solution Manager Diagnostics,

      now you have to prepare the remote connection to SAP Support, please set the

      connection as SOLMANDIAG 04

      5th  Links and Documentation about “How to use it”

      Now we have the Diagnostics RFU, but where can we found information about how to do

      that ?

      Here you have the top 5 places to get the information:

        1-. SMD End User Guide, you can download it from here

        2-. SAP Tutors – go to and select +SAP Solution Manager -> SAP Solution

        Manager 4.0 -> Customer´s Support Organization +, then open the section

        “NetWeaver Supportability – SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics”

        3-. SMD page on SAP Service Marketplace

        4-. HTTP trace with SMD weblog @ SDN How to perform a complete HTTP trace for SAP Enterprise Portal application? Try SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics

        5-. SMD @ SAP Help Portal [ click here |


        +….I hope this helps!+</center></p>

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            • I am facing the sae problem….

              A failure occured while trying to parse xml data collected from host : xxxx : Specified xml template is null “

              I cannot see from this blog how to correct. There is an entry for “…like a mistake in the component analyzer definition, just edit it and make sure the path is correct”.

              But it does not say how this can be accomplished.

              Please advise.

              I am on NW04s SP8, SLD, NWA, SM4.0. SMD agent going to monitor MySAP ERP 2005.

        • Very helpful weblog.

          I am facing a problem…. I have SRM5 (Abap+java) system, which i have sucessfully registered in the SLD of SMD Server also the SMD agent is installed. I can find the monitoring system in the agent admin tab of SMD Administration , but when i go to Monitored System setup I cannot find the system. It give me ERROR : “A failure occured while trying to parse xml data collected from host : SAPSRM5 : Specified xml template is null “

        • Hi louis

            Very useful weblog. I have very basic question. How to add the Enterprise Portal System in Solution Manager 4.0 without SMD for solution Monitoring.


          • Hi Kannan,

            Without the SMD it make no sense to add a Portal to the Solution Manager, let me try to explain the reason:

            When you administrate a web based system like the NW Portal the data you really need to know in realtime is how the business is going on, i.e. more visited pages, response time, applications that are resource consuming, iViews that are there but nobody visit and you need to promote, how many users visit an specific page etc, etc…

            Without the SMD you will get only J2EE data, that means OS, Database and System availability data, that maybe return you a green light in your reports but that information do not show you the Portal performance and users behaviour that could be different.

            I hope this explanation give you sufficient arguments to use SMD and not only to see a part of the portal.

            Best Regards, Luis

          • Portal is only Java, therefore, SMD is necessary, if you tried connecting it to SolMan only, it would necessarily need ABAP in its system, which is not the case.

            So, please try using SMD to connect Portal to SolMan.

            Best regards,

            Cesar Aranda

        • Hello Luis Felipe,

          great article! Now we have SMD SPS10 and I have to update it to SPS12. I am at a loss how to do “the easy way”.

          Could you please advise me in this regard?

          Thank you in advance!

          Cheers, Lorand

        • Hi,

          Im having a problem integrating wily into SolmanDiag. I dont understand your comment about…

          “… you have to change the Enterprise Manager and webviewer port to the http port defined on your Diagnostics server; By default the Enterprise Manager port is 6000 or 6001 so just adjust it to your webAS http port (normally 5XX00)”

          I have my wily enterprise manager and SolmanDiag on the same server, so the 5XX00 port is already being used. Does the wily port have to be the same as the webas http port? Is this necessary for the integration to work?


          • Hi Clinton,

            The Introscope by default comes with http port 6000 or 6001, so during the initial configuration you have to change the port of Diag Server to the same used in your NW AS
            (means 5xx00) in order to be able to visualize it on the NW SM Diagnostics.

            Best Regards,

        • Hi,

          Im running the set up for one of the Managed system but it continue to run for more than 3 hour…. should i stop or cancel the setup or what might be possible reason for indefinite run..

          Also when i ran setup for other XI server in SMD solman4.0 i got INITIAL DATA COLLECTION ERROR…

          Initial Data Collect ERROR for host
          !! Exception : Wed Apr 09 09:46:39 GMT+05:30 2008 | storeComponentVersion(…):ComponentVersion [SAP J2EE ENGINE 7.00][01200314690200004229][N/A][N/A]:Cannot insert/update/delete the component ‘[IComponent: key=1207564392579050, name=SAP J2EE ENGINE 7.00, internalVersion=7.00   PatchLevel 109886.44, ppmsId=01200314690200004229, date=Wed Apr 09 09:46:39 GMT+05:30 2008, status=[N], mod=[M], messageServer=BLADE3:3901, masterComponent=true]’! Please see log for next warning(s).

          found note Note 1096323 – SMD Agent DataCollector Application – Common errors but didnot helped…
          PLs help…

          FYI.. My solman server is 4.0 SPS15 & all smd setup has been done..


          You can mail @


        • Hi,

          It’s a good summary of all the steps for insatlling.

          But I ran into one issue.
          You say “If the agent appears in the Diagnostics means the agent is able to comunicate with the Diagnostics…”
          My problem: the agent appeared – and then disappeared. Although the agent is running, it’s not visible in Diagnostics, except for a short period after restarting the agent.
          Therefore, I cannot finalize step 3 🙁

          Any idea, what to do?
          Jan (

        • Luis, do you know where I can find sample regression test scripts for Solman?  After each Solman upgrade we would like to test basic functionality.  I would be helpful to know how to efficiently exercise the core functionality including diagnostics.