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Creating An Import File For UME From Excel

After seeing several questions on how to take a list of users and create a file that can be imported into the portal I decided that I would share, what I have found to be at least, a very easy way of doing this.  The first step is to make sure that your list of users are in an Excel spreadsheet and the users are listed by row. image The next step is to create a Word file that has the attributes that you would like to maintain in the UME. image The next step is to activate the mail merge features in Word.  This can be found under Tools -> Letters And Mailings -> Mail Merge if you have Office 2003. image Click on the next button two times to bring you to step three. image From here click on the browse button to select the data source.  A Windows explorer box will pop up.  Navigate to the spreadsheet with the list of users. image Select the sheet with your users in it. image You can modify which elements are used in the mail merge with this screen but for this demo we will be using all of them so choose next. image Now click on the “Next write your letter” option. image Position your cursor after the first element in the Word document (UID) and click “More Items”. image Click the insert button to insert this field next to the UID text. image Continue in this fashion until you have added all the fields. image Then click the “Next: Preview your letter” option.  Now click on the “Next: Complete the merge” option. image Click on the “edit individual letters” option. image This will generate a word document with a user per page.  Now all you have to do is remove the unnecessary spacing and you can import this file into the UME. image  This same method can be used for other UME operations as well. 
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  • Hi..

    This is an excellent blog. Saved atleast 5 to 8 hours of my effort if not more.. which I would have wasted in writing a code using UME API and reading from a text file..

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

    • HI
      Really this is excellent blog!!
      I am following the same way as explained in this blog to create mass user into portal.Do we have any procedure to dirctly upload .xls sheet without converting into .txt file.
      Or can we upload at least .doc file.

      thanks in advance!!

  • This is excellent stuff!

    A small addition. If you simply copy and paste the content of the merged letters into a text editor like Notepad++, there is no need to delete any white spaces.